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December 2008

Season's Greetings

Greetings Just a quick note to wish all the residents of Formby, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I intend to stay away from my computer and other sundry tasks for a few days until after the start of 2009.

Formby: Landfill site consultation

Land at Alt Meadows, off Hoggs Hill Lane, Little Altcar is on a list of sites that are been considered for reopening as waste 'landfill' or' landraising' projects by the Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority(MWDA).
The details are to be found on the Sefton MBC web site or directly on the Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority web site. In the case of the MWDA site, this is interactive and enables the viewer to read background documents and then add observations and comments.

One of the documents featured contains the following:

Given that the potential for new landfill sites is extremely limited, it will also be necessary to examine landraise potential. Generally, landraise has similar constraint issues and engineering challenges to landfill but vary in several respects, namely:
  • Landraise is less tied to the location of available void space
  • There are still hydrogeological and groundwater issues, but landraise is likely to be further removed from the groundwater levels
  • It has very substantial landscape impact issues which are a major concern in a generally low lying, urbanised metropolitan area, such as Merseyside and Halton

On my reading of the documents the Alt Meadow site is a potential 'landraise' site.

This information is also featured in the forthcoming edition of the Formby Times and I urge local residents to find out more about this worrying news and make sure they make their views known to both Authorities and their elected representatives. Needless to say I will be adding my own very shortly.

Formby Future

On Wednesday during my usual weekly surgery I met Gill Fell and Heather Davies both of whom are involved with a 'Shop Local' campaign. They were involved in two recent meetings with local traders, which then resulted in the 'Support Local Business' posters in shop windows, this is described in more detail in a previous blog entry.

Since then I have become even more sure that Formby needs a 'Development Initiative' along the lines of Frodsham Forward. As a result I've altered the title to the link on the left hand side of the blog to reflect that idea, I'll add relevant links to the wider concept of Formby Future as and when I find them.

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Dickensian Day

Here's my small tribute to and reminder of the Formby Dickensian Day celebrations. It consists of small fragments of video recorded on the day of different events and people in the village. Enjoy.

Shop Local Action Group

On Friday 4th December at 4.00pm I attended my first meeting of this group. In common with others in the Town they are worried about the future of Formby Town and are keen to find ways of protecting and developing Formby during a difficult economic period.

One of the first tangible outcomes of their concern will be the appearance of posters in the windows of local shops. Please, support the campaign.

During the meeting it soon became clear that the group is energetic and is already producing some stimulating and potentially  effective actions that can be followed up and I am looking forward to help see some of these into fruition.

In the longer term I'd like to see a 'Formby Development Trust' similar to the 'Frodsham Forward' enterprise, perhaps this group is the nucleus of such a venture. If you want to participate, please write to me sbrady@formbyfirst.org .
For more information on 'Development trusts visit this web site.