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More on Climate Change

I've just found this YouTube video about the Cheshire village of Ashton Hayes Climate Change project. I find myself asking what can we do in Formby? Are you interested in joining a group to take these ideas forward here in Formby?

More on the Gild Hall

Oh dear, I've yet to see it but I'm told that the clearing of the stream bed has resulted in considerable damage in general to the land running along the stream. To make matters worse the contractors did not have permission to gain access to the site. The matter is far from settled but once I've visited the Gild Hall to see for myself I'll write a further update.

Mystery Contractors at Gild Hall

I've received an urgent email this morning from the organiser of the Gild Hall Toddlers Group. Apparently some contractors have arrived on site and proceeded to dig up land adjacent to the water course that runs along the side of the site. When asked where they had obtained permission they cited the Parish Council - news to me!

It maybe the work of Sefton MBC following the recent efforts of local Sefton MBC Councillor Barry Griffiths and Parish Councillor Mike Coles to get Long Lane brook cleared, the work now underway sounds like follow-up activity. Despite the good intentions I'd have thought that permission and notice was a necessary requirement. More as soon as I find out.

Formby Community Plan (Parish Plan)

Yesterday I attended a meeting of a small group to plan the next stage of the development of the Formby Community Plan(Parish Plan). The meeting was held in the Formby Parish Council office in the library and was attended by Cllrs Mike Cole, Denise Dutton and Sally Grimwood of Sefton MBC and myself.

It was by turns both a lively and productive meeting. We agreed a broad plan of action including a review of the existing material, to amend that and or make additions. Once this is completed there will be an informal meeting for all the Parish Councillors in a 'trial' of the sort of consultation we will hold with the public early in the new year.

In the meantime the existing resources are still available for viewing, amendments and additions at this web address http://formby.wikispaces.com

My recent and forthcoming activities

I have been rather busy over the last few days and will continue to be so in the next couple of days. I've listed my meetings below:

  • Monday 28th September: 'INAUGURAL FAITH IN THE COUNTRYSIDE LECTURE', held at the NFU offices Skelmesdale and given by the National Rural Officer for the Church of England. This was hosted by the Liverpool Diocese, Rural Issues Forum, of which I am a member.
  • Thursday 1st October: North West Rural Affairs Forum
    “THE RURAL ECONOMY – ADDED VALUE INVESTMENT”, held at Haydock Park. I attended as a representative of the Liverpool Diocese Rural Issues Forum.
  • Saturday 3rd October: I attended the 'Talk About Local' Day Conference at Stoke. This was attended by 80+ delegates who are developing blogs like this and Networking sites like, www.formbyfirst.info
  • Tuesday 6th October: 'FAITH IN NATURE': A multi-faith debate on the environment at Liverpool Town Hall.
  • Tuesday 6th October: 'FORMBY PARISH COUNCIL': the usual monthly meeting at Formby Library, starting at 7.00pm. These meetings are always open to the public and there is an item on the agenda, when members of the public can ask questions or suggest actions.

On the general issue of Rural questions, Formby has 4 farms and is surrounded by Grade 'A' agricultural land, the meetings provided valuable insights into aspects rarely considered when the Future of Formby is discussed.

The 'Talk About Local project' is a very exciting and fast growing movement, local people across the country will be given the opportunity to learn to use these new Internet based technologies. I'm working hard to ensure that Formby will benefit from the investment, more soon.