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New Formby Business Listings Service

I've just improved the business listings page on the companion web site to this blog - www.formbyfirst.info. If there is anyone in the Formby Business community that would like to take the opportunity to add their business details then please go to the web site, select 'Formby' and then from the drop down menu select 'Businesses' choose the appropriate category and then use the 'add a listings' function to add the details. The listings home page is here .

Yelp for Formby

I'm trying out a new service provided by Yelp. The Time web site has written about 10 essential web sites and says this of Yelp:

If it's a restaurant, shop or business, it's probably been reviewed on Yelp — an independent site with millions of user-submitted evaluations. Yelp's got a gaggle of rivals — most notably Yahoo! Local — but it's the only one that lets reviewees talk back.

I recently wrote to them pointing out that Formby is not in or part of Southport and they have responded by setting up a section specifically for Formby. My first review has just been added to the Yelp pages.

I hope that local residents and businesses find this a useful source of information including publicity and reviews.

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A Rare and Unexpected Visitor

VillageTrees This morning I was in the village about 8.30 when much to my suprise and also Kevin of the Formby Deli we spotted a red squirrel scampering along the footpath from in front of the HSBC Bank towards the village centre.

As it crossed the road and back again to find refuge it eventually retreated to this magnificent tree in front of the opticians. When I left it was comfortably settled in the top of the tree. 

I have no doubt it will still be there later today because this particular tree is sufficiently far away from the others to stop the squirrel  from moving on and as the village becomes busier the squirrel will be discouraged from coming down.

There is something quite magical about Formby when our rare native squirrel appears in the town away from it's usual habitat in the coastal woods.

FormbyLive Music Festival

FormbyLiveLogo Preparations are well under way for the forthcoming FormbyLive Music Festival. Yesterday I met with Pat Wordley of Cafe D'Art and Nicky Owen of Sefton MBC to go through some of the details. I must congratulate Pat and Nicky for all their hard work and other members of the FormbyLive working group.

The whole event will be as good as last year if not better, during the week in the lead up to the weekend of Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July, a number of local Bars and Pubs will join in with a variety of acts. During the day on the Saturday we are planning for some street entertainers to enliven the atmosphere of the village. In the evening all of the Bars and Cafe's will also feature live music events.

On Sunday the focus will move to the Swimming Pool grounds for a lively afternoon's live band entertainment. More details soon.

Formby and Afghanistan

Logo_royal_marines I know this appears obtuse at first glance but there is at least one connection between Formby and Afghanistan and ironically it has to do with blogging, well at least in part.

I came across a blog today where the author  writes:

I attended a Shura, which is the Afghan term for a meeting, at Patrol Base Waterloo earlier this week. It was the first one I had ever attended,......

According to Wikipedia a Shura is:

an Arabic word for "consultation". It is believed to be the method by which pre-Islamic Arabian tribes selected leaders and made major decisions....Muslims believe that Islam requires all decisions made by and for the Muslim societies to be made by shura of the Muslim community and believe this to be the basis for implementing representative democracy.

As both an elected member of Formby Parish Council and blogger I find the story very interesting but I suppose the other connection that makes it relevant is the fact that the writer is my son. I've only just discovered his blog along with others writing for the Jack Speak blog.

...written by the people who truly understand what it means to be a part of this exceptional service – the Royal Navy personnel themselves.We were delighted to be the first of the Armed Forces to have created a blog on our own website, and hope to continue to lead from the front.  We hope you’ll enjoy sharing our Life Without Limits....

I hope you'll forgive me a little display of parental pride and understand the connection between Formby and Afghanistan.

Formby: Food, Energy and Climate Change

It should be obvious to anyone reading this blog regularly or 'formbyfirst.info' that I believe that in addition to the forthcoming 'fiscal tightening of belts', there are three major threats to Formby and it's residents. These are Energy supply, Food Security and Climate Change,as a community we need to start to address these issues.

Earlier this year the Parish Council tried unsuccessfully to apply for a large grant to begin to look at Climate Change. Here's an example from the Energy savings Trust (EST) of one local Scottish Community's response:

When the video ends there are four links that are well worth following if you wish to learn more.