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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

It's very unlikely I will add any new posts to my blog this side of the New Year. Season's Greetings to all of those of you visit and follow this blog and my thanks to all of you for your support.

This is the most appropriate image on which to end the year and start the festive break and remind us all of the story behind the celebrations.



Parish Council Precept

I am attending the December meeting of Formby Parish Council's Finance committee tonight. The meeting begins at 7.00 pm and is being held in the Bier Hall, St Peter's Church, Freshfield. The public are entitled to attend and your views would be welcomed.

This is the third time this committee has tried to agree a Precept that will gain the support of the full Council. Please see my previous postings for further detail.

No Buses Tonight in Formby

CumfyBus has announced there will no bus service tonight in Formby. Update: Tuesday 9.20 am. CumfyBus has just announced this morning that due to ice in Formby that there is no service.

Village Christmas Tree

VillageXmasTree1 I recently received an email expressing the view, that this years Christmas Tree in the village looks much better than in previous years and I must say I agree. My correspondent asked how this has come about, the answer I suspect lies in the sign attached to the picket fencing.

This shows that the 'The lighting and the fence have been provided by The Christmas Decorators, they add that for any Residential, Commercial and Event needs they can be contacted on 01704 878260'.

I'm sure that there are many other local residents who will be pleased with this new local initiative.

Support your local businesses and shop local this Christmas.

Contacting Sefton MBC

With the onset of winter I thought residents might like to know that in addition to a direct phone call you can also contact Sefton MBC Online about issues that concern you. For instance there are 4 grit boxes in Formby and I have just used them to notify Sefton that the box outside the Grapes public house is empty.

The two Online Forms are :

Christmas is Coming to Formby

InTheStable Today I attended the Village Nativity Play 2010 in Formby. My congratulations go to all involved, it was a wonderful experience and plainly enjoyed by everyone who attended. The mixture of modern and Medieval Mystery play worked wonders and held us transfixed while the story unfolded.

The story was presented as a series of flashbacks from Mary's point of view and scenes were enacted on different raised platforms set out along Chapel Lane.

Gradually as the story moved to it's conclusion our attention was drawn to the stable set up towards the end of Chapel Lane

The words of the Churches Together in Formby are the most appropriate way to end this posting.

"The Village Nativity is the Churches' free gift to the Formby Community. We hope you have enjoyed it and that remembering the Christmas story will help to bring you Peace, Joy and Love this Christmas."

Source: Formby Churches Together

CumfyBus Diversions

The CumfyBus company have just announced some diversions to Bus services on Saturday (11th December). The bus routes involved are the 160/161 and the 164. The diversions will be in force from 7.00 am to 1.00 pm.

These diversions will be in place due to the Formby Village Nativity Play, for more details on this event see the Village Notice Board link.

For the latest Cumfybus news visit the CumfyBus Company web site.


Parish Precept Still Undecided

image from formbyfirst.typepad.com For the first time in my experience, Formby Parish Council members have been unable to agree the precept for the following year, in this case 2011/12.

The resolution before the Council was:

“The Precept for 2011/12 is recommended to remain at £40,000. The Finance Committee have noted the comments of Councillors made at the November Parish Council meeting. They consider the precept should remain unchanged for the coming financial year until the position on our Parish Plan obligations/project plans are fully assessed.”

As it's implied above, when the proposal came before the Council in November the matter was referred back to the Finance Committee. Despite the outcome of those discussions, at last night's meeting members were still unable to agree support for the resolution above and have agreed to continue the debate.

At the heart of the matter is the question of cuts in services, which will occur when Sefton MBC agrees it's budget in March next year. The debate revolves around the question of, 'waiting to see the outcome of Sefton's deliberations and then possibly raising the precept for the year 2012/13'' or 'putting in place a small increase in the precept to ease the transition to a more austere provision by Sefton' and trying to ameliorate the immediate impact of the cuts'.

Everyone on the Parish Council agrees that any rise will have to be small, but by way of example, a rise of £1 per house per year, would yield approximately £9500 extra added to the annual budget.

What do you think? Should the Parish Council raise the precept by a small rise? The rise, for example, would enable the Parish Council to support the Christmas Lights event, the FormbyLive Music event and Dickensian Day, all of which it is anticipated will lose support from Sefton next year. Some residents may have other priorites and cuts in library services or personal services may be considered more important than the examples given. But it all boils down to the question should we take precautions in advance or wait until this time next year before we respond?

Use the comments link below.