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Bank Holiday Weekend: Nature Intervenes At Formby

Bank Holiday weekend in Formby this year was a quiet affair. It was clear from many pre-holiday tweets a visit to Formby was high on people's agendas. If the weather and nature hadn't intervened the beach was going to be a popular destination. Even if the weather had held, visitors were in for a surprise. This is the view at 12.15 midday on Sunday.

The beach is nowhere to be seen. On any other sunny day you could expect to see crowds of people spread across the beach. This year Easter coincided with a very high spring tide.

National Trust signs were engulfed by the tide.

The continuing erosion of the sand dunes at Formby clearly illustrated. Bricks and mortar from buildings formerly in the dunes revealed by these forces of nature.

Picnics normally consumed on the beach were hastily moved to benches in the woods and for some hours all that people could do was stand and stare and wait for the sea to retreat.

On a positive note Formby suffered less traffic disruption and those that did come were importantly reminded about the force of nature and the effects of oncoming climate change.



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