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How could we improve the village centre?

I've  started a new conversation about the future of Formby Village on the latest conversational tool from Twitter called 'Branch'.

You can use more than the usual 140 characters to expand your ideas. Why not join me, let's see what wealth of good ideas the community of Formby has for the future.

As a starter I like to suggest we blur the distinction between the road and the pavements. It's called 'shared space' elsewhere. It slows down traffic, reduces noise, pollution, potential accidents and generally improves the social feeling in a public space.

At the moment vehicles and people get in each others' way and the barriers emphasise that division.

What do you think?

Here's the page where the debate starts: http://branch.com/b/what-would-you-like-to-see-in-formby-village-to-improve-it


Formby Ordnance Survey Benchmarks Found

At least two Formby Ordnance Survey benchmarks still survive today, despite being obsolete and abandoned by the O.S.

Following the start of the controversy about the proposed building development in Formby I have been wondering about the height of the land for the proposed development. I looked for and found two O.S benchmarks. There are probably still more in Formby. They were significant because they were used to establish the height of building foundations against a known recorded data point. 

Benchmark1aThe Ordnance Survey Bench marks (BMs) are survey marks made by Ordnance Survey to record height above Ordnance Datum. If the exact height of one BM is known then the exact height of the next can be found by measuring the difference in heights, through a process of spirit levelling.

Most commonly, the BMs are found on buildings or other semi-permanent features. Although the main network is no longer being updated, the record is still in existence and the markers will remain until they are eventually destroyed by redevelopment or erosion.
(Source: http://benchmarks.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/pls/htmldb/f?p=111:3:1943105551692830766::NO:3::)

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Housing Development Protest Meeting

I have received the following from a local resident of Formby and I am publishing it for your information. 

We have a public meeting arranged for this Friday at 7.00pm at Formby Sports and Social Club (the old Royal British Legion in Whitehouse Lane).

All are welcome who wish to oppose this development and the community will be informed about what strategy we will be using. No one representing the developers will be allowed to attend as this meeting is for the residents of Formby.

Maria Bennett 


Find prehistoric Footprints

Would you like to help record new exposures of prehistoric footprints on the foreshore at Formby before they are lost to the tide?

Join a team tonight at 6pm.

The team at Formby are looking for archaeology volunteers to visit the foreshore and work with archaeologists to record the human and animal tracks preserved in the hard sediments in order to build up a picture of the activity that occurred some five thousand years ago.

Why not come along? Meet by the notice boards opposite the toilets on Victoria Road. No experience necessary, just appropriate clothing and an enquiring mind.


Explore Formby

On the 15 August, come and explore the woodland and beaches at Lifeboat Road, Formby, and create massive sculptures from natural materials.

In the morning, 10-12.30pm we’ll be in the woodlands, find us in the events field adjacent to Lifeboat Road.

In the afternoon, 1.30-3.30pm we’ll be on the beach, follow the boardwalk and look for our colourful flags. This is one of a series of events organised by Sefton Coast Landscape Partnership Scheme. The event is free, but children must be accompanied by an adult.

(Source: What's on in Sefton web site)

Thornton To Switch Island Link

The proposed Thornton to Switch Island Link road has taken a major step forward after vital legal notices were issued for the scheme. 

Sefton Council has now published a Side Roads Order and Compulsory Purchase Order for the much-anticipated bypass.

This follows a lengthy process to resolve legal and technical issues involving sections of land along the proposed link road route.

Notices have now been sent to individuals potentially affected by the scheme, published in the local press and posted on site. People have until August 31 to respond to the Department for Transport about the orders.

For more information see:  http://www.sefton.gov.uk/default.aspx?page=11900


Support Your Local Woodland

Formby woodlands need your support to be named as a favourite woodland in Merseyside and North Cheshire.

Sefton beauty spots are in the race to be Merseyside and North Cheshire's favourite woodlands as part of a new campaign from The Mersey Forest.

Throughout the summer, families, dog walkers, nature lovers and joggers are invited to nominate and vote for their favourite local trees and woods on an interactive map on the Mersey Forest website.

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Large Housing Development Proposed In Formby

David Wilson Homes and Barratt Homes are seeking the views of Formby Residents on their proposals for a large scale housing development scheme  in Formby.

The proposed new housing estate will occupy a very large area of land in the south of Formby off the Liverpool Road, between the existing houses and the Formby Bypass.


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