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Local Parish Councils to Meet

Formby Parish Council and Little Altcar Parish Councils will recommence monthly meetings this week and next. Both Parish Councils normally take a summer break in August.

Formby Parish Council meets at 7 pm tomorrow (Tuesday 4 September) in the Formby Library meeting room. Little Altcar Parish Council will meet at Formby Library next Tuesday 11 September, their meeting starts at 7.30pm.

Both meetings are open to the public and there is always a 'public forum' item on the agenda. The public can ask questions or suggest issues the Parish Councils should consider.

These meetings are an ideal opportunity for residents of Formby to air their views with local Councillors following the recent consultation about the proposed housing development off the Liverpool Road. Sefton MBC Councils will consult both Councils if the Developers submit a Planning Application. Local Parish Councillors will be anxious to represent local opinion as accurately as possible. The more residents participate the better.

Some local residents have already commented on this blog site about the proposed development, the latest by Andy_Formby is here:  Comment

 (Please note this item has been amended to include the correct dates for the Little Altcar parish Council Meeting)


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