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'Slow' Formby

On 10 January members of Formby Area Committee  will consider the outcome of a recent consultation proposing a 20 mph zone in part of Formby. The report will be presented to the members:

To seek approval for the progression of a Traffic Regulation Order, the effect of which will introduce a 20 mph speed limit in the Piercefield Road area of Formby.

Apparently the first round of consultation has been remarkably positive:

Due to the strong support for the proposed 20 mph speed restricted area from residents and businesses of the Piercefield Road area, Formby,  

it is recommended that Members approve the scheme.

71% of residents who responded were in favour of the proposals and there was an excellent response rate of 42%.

If  members agree with the proposal then official notices giving details of the proposed changes will be published shortly after the meeting.

The full report to the Area Committee has been published on the Sefton MBC web site and can be read here:

Piercefield Road Area – Proposed 20 mph zone – Consultation results