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Can You Spare An Hour This Weekend?

The Royal Society for the protection of birds needs your help this weekend. They want your help to conduct a short survey of birds you see in just one hour.

MistleThrushIt's important our garden birds are disappearing. The survey could help to discover why and what to do about it?

In 1972 when I first moved into Formby the garden was full of flocks of noisy, busy sparrows. There were Blackbirds, Finches of all kind, Cuckoos, Mistle Thrush. We saw and heard Owls regularly, the evening sky was full of insects and bats.

They've all gone.

This is all you have to do - three simple steps.

Watch the birds in your garden or local park for one hour on the weekend of 26 - 27 January 2013.

Record the highest number of each bird species you see at the same time. Don't count the total over the hour as you may get the same birds visiting more than once. Also, please only count those birds that land within your garden - not flying over.

Once your hour is up, tell us what you've seen. Even if you didn't get as many birds as you expected, or your 'regulars' didn't appear, do still please let us know. It's all really useful information. Our form will be open from the Birdwatch weekend until 15 February 2013 for you to tell us what you've seen.

For more see the The Royal Society of Birds.