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Local Residents Concerned About Parking Restrictions Impact

A local resident in Formby is urging neighbours to make their views known about some planned parking restrictions in the region of Gorse Way. These have been aproved but residents have until 3rd April to make their views known. In this case the original intentions behind the restrictions may have some unforeseen outcomes.

There is an interesting situation now developing around the Dunes Drive Squirrel Green area after Formby Area Committee on the 10 January 2013 recommended that between April 1 to October 31, Saturdays, Sundays & Bank Holidays only, parking will be prohibited 24 hours a day on both sides and full length of Argarmeols Road, Birch Green, Dunes Drive, Gorse Way, Larkhill Lane (East side only), Proctor Road, Squirrel Green.

Local residents had mostly voted in favour of these restrictions in response to the problems occurring a few days in summer by people visiting the nature reserve and parking on the roads outside their residences.

Some residents are now realising that with their driveways having no spare space, any visitors, be they friends or family, visiting at the weekends will have to find alternative roads to park on. With the restrictions covering so many local roads it would seem the roads around the Pinewoods Pub will be their nearest.

This is a distance of 1/3 of a mile for some and of course the restriction applies from April to October and also not just 9am to 5pm. Residents permits are not available.

Two Estate Agents have advised that houses with limited parking could find it more difficult to sell their property and this would usually need to be reflected in the value.
Quite an interesting scenario to have a weekend viewing of your house with the estate agent and prospective buyer having to park up near the Pinewoods Pub and walk for a 1/3 of a mile.

Displacement is another issue. Just which roads are all these cars going to move to and are they going to want the same parking restrictions?.

These Regulations were advertised in the Champion on 13 March 2013 and objections have to be made by 3 April 2013.

Tony Bonney
23 March 2013