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Bike and Go Scheme at Formby Station


You'll know from my tweets on @formbyvillage that I'm an enthusiast for cycling. I'm amazed at how few bikes there are on Formby roads, given how our local terrain is so flat. It's a gift for cyclists.

Yet as a community we seem  reluctant to mount up and enjoy a bike ride. I'd estimate that for around 10,000 dwellings here in Formby, we probably own about twice that number in cycles.

But, perhaps there's a wind of change coming. Merseyrail are introducing a 'Bike & Ride' scheme ar Formby Station. According to the web site related to the scheme:

Now you can get even closer to where you want to be. Bike & Go is an ingenious new scheme that lets you hire a bike from participating train stations and continue your journey quickly and easily under your own steam. No walking, no waiting - just get on your Bike & Go!Register from 13th August.

Hire a bike for only £3.80 a day.

Keep your eyes peeled it won't be long before visitors to Formby will enjoy the delights of cycling here in Formby. Maybe they'll lead the way and encourage more of us locals to join them.



Village Notice Board Area


It's good to see the recent changes to the corner of Elbow and Brows Lane in the village. The Formby Parish Council plans are taking shape. They've removed the old notice boards and added two new wall mounted boards to the Post Office building.

They've also ordered a further notice board to meet the demand for display space.

I was a little sceptical at first about the position of the recently installed bike stands but they too have been repositioned and the overall sense of an open space has been vastly enhanced.

The changes also provided an opportunity to install another attractive planter nearby. All in all I like the effect and the Parish Council should be congratulated on this 'village improvement''.


Freshfield Beer Festival July 2013

FreshfieldBeerFestivalaFollowing the recent large scale, flagship events of FormbyLive 2013 and The Formby Festival it's nice to 'flag up' another event that takes place this week.

The Freshfield Hotel a popular 'real ale' hostelry is holding its own festival featuring 60 varieties of beer.

The 'Freshie' a favourite with many residents as well as the wider community of beer aficionados has a deserved reputation for its championship of locally produced real organic ales.

The festival starts on Monday 22 July and runs for the week closing on Sunday 28 July.

The early weather forecasts suggests that the weather will hold for the next few more days so the venue should prove a refreshing place to visit.

As a fan of real ale and because The Freshies' my local I'm bound to recommend at least one visit during the event.


Visit the Freshfield Hotel Web Site.


FormbyLive 2013 In Still Images

Yesterday I published a video of scenes from FormbyLive 2013 produced by local resident Tony Bonney.

Today I'm publishing a collection of his photographs taken at various places and times during the Festival. My thanks once again to Tony for all his efforts. I hope you like them, let us know.

To view the images click on this link.

FormbyLive 2013 Video

Local resident, Tony Bonney produced a video of some of the events in the village on the Saturday of Formbylive 2013.

My thanks to him for sharing this with us. I hope to publish some of his photographs later this week.

Formby Parish Council Meeting 2 July 2013

image from formbyfirst.typepad.comThe next ordinary meeting of Formby Parish Council will be held at Formby Library on Tuesday 2 July 2013 at 7.30pm

The meeting always starts with a Public Forum. During this part of the meeting members of the public are invited to ask questions, raise issues for the Council to consider or to make comments on the items on the agenda.

Following the forum, members will discuss various reports from the Council Committees.
The General Purposes Committee is seeking approval for £2600 of expenditure.

The Village Improvement scheme is also asking the Council to consider the purchase of a second public notice board.
This matter has been the subject of separate postings on this blog and comments on Twitter.

There are other items on the agenda including Finance, Environment, Planning, the Neighbourhood Plan and a report by the Chair of the Council.

This will be the last meeting of the Council until Tuesday 3 September while the members take their annual break.