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It's the little things that matter

For a long time residents in  Freshfield Road from Old Town Lane onwards towards FreshfieldStation campaigned to have the road resurfaced.

PotHolesDanger2They were eventually rewarded, the road was treated with a technique known as 'Lick and Stick'. Hot tar is poured on the surface and then a liberal layer of gravel is applied and compacted into the tar. All well and good but that was months ago the job is still unfinished. All the road covers were identifiedand marked so that they were not covered and lost. However none of them have been raised to match the new surface level of the road.

And there are good practical reasons for levelling of the road surface. Each one of these areas will trap winter ice. That ice will expand and the tarmac will very quickly break up again. It'll cost more to ignore than finish the job properly.

'Not a problem', I hear you say, well not to cars, buses or lorries.  Neither is it a problem to pedestrians. For cyclists it's a nightmare, at night some of these 'unfinished holes' are an absolute danger.

This photograph taken at the junction of Old Town Lane, Freshfield Road and The Copse,  illustrates my point entirely, these three holes are between 1 - 2 inches deep. Try cycling safely over them.

I wouldn't and don't  but I can't see why the job was never really finished.

It's the little things that matter most at a local level - I sometimes wonder whether Sefton Council will ever recover the local wisdom and experience that existed before 1974.