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Formby Parish Council Meeting

Formby Parish Council starts normal monthly meetings again following a break during August.

FPC September SummonsNormally the Parish Council meets on a Tuesday night but the September meeting will be on Monday 1 September

Members of the public are encouraged to attend and are allowed to ask questions or bring matters to the notice of members at an early point in the meeting.

Items on the Agenda include:

The Neighbourhood Plan

A grant to the Formby Luncheon Club

Additional works on the Formby memorial

A response regarding the Solar Farm proposed on land between Ince Blundell and Hightown


Select the image of the agenda to see it in detail.



Central Sefton Area Committee Meeting

The Central Sefton Area Committee meets on 3 September at Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre, Cambridge Road, Waterloo, L22 1RR starting at 6.30pm.

SeftonLogoMembers of the public are welcome and there are opportunities to participate in the Public Forum.

This is a period of 20 minutes (or longer at the discretion of the Chair) set aside for a Public Forum.
Members of the public can ask questions, raise matters, or present petitions on issues that are relevant to Sefton Council.  The person asking a question will be allowed one supplementary question.
A question form indicating the person’s name and address must be completed and submitted to the Committee Administrator as soon as possible and by no later than 15 minutes before the meeting starts i.e. before 6.15 p.m. or by 3.00 p.m. for faxed (0151 934 2034) or on-line submissions http://forms.sefton.gov.uk/openforumquestion/
Question forms can be obtained from the Committee Administrator prior to the meeting.
If the questioner does not attend the meeting or nominate a representative to attend (at the discretion of the Chair), the question will not be read out, but a written response will be forwarded to the questioner. If a response to a question cannot be provided at the meeting, the Neighbourhoods Division will contact the relevant department for a formal response and the resident will be contacted directly in writing

At tonights meeting there is an item about accessability in Formby Town Centre.

2.0 Proposed Formby Area Accessibility Improvements

2.1 The project area ....... has identified a number of areas where the pedestrian environment could be improved. Formby town centre is accessed by a number of previously constructed walking and cycling routes, this proposal is to improve accessibility for the mobility impaired, improve safety and support the local economy.

2.2 The proposals for the Formby area are in various locations and include:

  • The construction of dropped crossings and tactile paving in order to improve accessibility for the mobility impaired to Formby Railway Station
  • At a variety of sites in the village.
  • At the roundabout junction of Freshfield Road/Duke Street/Formby Bridge/Kings Road, it is also proposed to widen and improve the pedestrian refuges.

2.3 As there are no properties directly affected by this scheme no public consultation was required.


Embroidery Classes

Embroidery Classes

A 5 week embroidery course at Formby Luncheon Club. Beginners are very welcome.

We are stitching a scissors case with a tiny owl, a moon & stars & your initials.

You will take home an exquisite finished product.

All your materials are provided.

Mon 1st September 2014 to Mon 29th Sept 2014.

The course costs £38 this includes all materials & handouts. Contact Lucy on 01704872665 / 07977821119

Laugh out loud in the Art Gallery

It's not often I burst into loud laughter, particularly in an 'Art Gallery. I was unable to resist on my recent visit to the Atkinson in Southport.

I felt so guilty that I turned around on a couple of occasions just to check I wasn't becoming an nuisance. If you get the chance you must go and see it. Postcards may be small but some of these created a very 'hearty response'.

Artists’ Postcards from 1960 to the present day from Jeremy Cooper’s Collection

Postcards ExhibitionAn exhibition of over 200 of the late twentieth centuries’ most famous artist’s work is on display at The Atkinson as part of the exhibition – Wish You Were Here?

Selected from Jeremy Cooper’s major artists’ postcards collection, Wish you were here? Presents works by a number of major contemporary artists including a rare postcard made by John Lennon and David Hockney’s only artist postcard.

Featuring over 200 artists including ........

For more see: http://www.theatkinson.co.uk/2014/08/wish-you-were-here/


Citizen led plans for the future of Formby?

I really admire this example of an 'Active Citizen' taking the lead with her local Town Council (It's the same legislative power as a Parish Council just a different name) and submitting her own plans for the future.


Generally citizens let their local councils lead. I personally welcome this example of 'citizen leadership'.

Come on Formby. lets have your plans and proposals for the Local and Neighbourhood plans. 

Not just objections or 'steady-state' comments - where should Formby be in 2020?

Do you agree with this vision for the future? : Formby 2020, this links to another page.

  • What's missing?
  • What can and should be added?
  • And more importantly How do we get there?

Your comments can added below.


Interested in Volunteering at 'The Atkinson'?

Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of The Atkinson. We are looking for dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers who would like to offer their time to help make the venue a welcoming, vibrant and successful visitor destination.

What do Volunteers do?

The AtkinsonOur volunteers carry out and assist with a wide variety of tasks around the venue.
Previous and current volunteers have assisted with the documentation and research of our collections, carried out cleaning and preventative conservation on objects, assisted in the preparation and delivery of our education and outreach programmes, carried out data entry as well as front of house meet and greet roles.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer with The Atkinson. It does not matter how much time you have to give or the skills, experience or background you have. Full training will be provided so all we ask is that you are enthusiastic about the work and aims of The Atkinson, willing to learn and meet new people, committed, reliable and happy to abide by The Atkinson’s health and safety and equal opportunities policies.

The Application Process

We actively encourage applications from all sections of the community. Applicants who are selected will be invited to an interview in the form of an informal chat, which will determine their suitability for the role they apply for. All successful applicants will be required to undergo reference checks before they are formally accepted as a volunteer and depending on the role, may require a DBS check.

How to Apply

As specific volunteer roles become available they will be advertised on this section of our website. If you would like to get involved with any of our current volunteer opportunities please email volunteer@theatkinson.co.uk to request an application form or download Volunteer Application Form 2014

Current Opportunities

  • Welcome Volunteer
  • Arts and Craft Volunteer
  • Museum Volunteer
  • Festival of Wellbeing Volunteer

Coming Soon

  • Administration Volunteer


Sefton & The Great War

Sefton & The Great War

Last Day Tomorrow.

28th July – 29th August

The contribution to World War One of Sefton’s communities and individuals told through objects and photographs.

The displays draw on personal collections, library archives and also features a memorial quilt created by the people of Sefton.

At The Atkinson, Lord Street, Southport


Changes to the Blog

Just altered a couple of the navigation links to take advantage of the 'categories' label and a minor adjustment to control what appears in the main blog section.

Works well, there is now an 'Editor's Notes' post section and I've also incorporated the latest video and audio recordings into the body of the blog.


Sefton 'Cancer Care' consultation roadshow

Have your say at the Sefton Cancer Care consultation roadshow this Friday 4pm - 7pm at Formby Tesco

Cancer-carePeople in Sefton can find out more and have their say on proposals for Transforming Cancer Care across Cheshire and Merseyside at a public consultation roadshow this Friday (29th August).

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust – the health trust that provides specialist cancer care to people in Cheshire and Merseyside – wants to expand and develop a major new cancer hospital in Liverpool.  The new hospital would be on the same site as the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and the University of Liverpool, and experts say it would enhance patient care and the scope for groundbreaking research.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre would also continue providing services at its existing sites in Wirral and Aintree as well as the services it provides at other hospitals across Cheshire and Merseyside.

It is asking people for their views on the proposal during a public consultation running until 19th October.  And people from Sefton can find out more when the Transforming Cancer Care consultation visits the area this week.

The consultation team will be at Tesco in Formby from 4pm-7pm on Friday (29th August).  They will also be on Chapel Street in Southport all day on Saturday 20th September.