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First Ladies: Pioneering Female Artists

First Ladies celebrates the incredible achievements of female artists from The Atkinson’s permanent collection.
The exhibition includes contemporary artists like Tracey Emin who continue to break conventions as well as artists who pushed creative boundaries at a time when men were the dominant force in the art world.

via www.theatkinson.co.uk

This exhibition closes on Sunday 7 August. Don't miss out on viewing this fascinating collection.

At The Atkinson in Southport:
Exhibition Opening Times
Mon – Sat: 10am – 4pm
Sun: 11am – 4pm






Weather Forecast

Today: Saturday 30 July
It'll be a fine start to the day with some fair weather cloud and spells of sunshine. Through the afternoon it will feel rather pleasant in sunny spells, but there'll be a few isolated showers around too, especially for Cumbria. Maximum Temperature 19 °C.

Most places will have a fine end to the day with some late evening sunshine, but it will cool off rather quickly. There'll be a few lingering showers too. Minimum Temperature 11 °C.

Liverpool City Region : Consultation


As a result of the devolution agreement agreed on 17 November 2015, the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority has greater control (in terms of resources and decision making) over transport, employment and skills, business support and other areas.

Part of the deal was also to have a directed elected Mayor for the Liverpool City Region in May 2017 and this was agreed by each of the constituent local authorities on 19 November 2015. The Cities and Local Government Devolution Act has been passed, enabling an existing Combined Authority to be changed into a Mayoral Combined Authority through a further Order from the Secretary of State.

A governance review has been undertaken to establish that the additional powers and governance changes proposed for the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority and Liverpool City Region Mayor would be likely to improve the exercise of statutory functions in the area and lead to an improvement in the economic conditions in the City Region.

via www.liverpoolcityregion-ca.gov.uk

You can submit your views on the new devolution powers by completing the online survey.  Use the link above.

The closing date for feedback is Friday, 5 August 2016.

Get Involved as a Volunteer in Sefton

Volunteers make a hugely valuable contribution to the management of Sefton’s beautiful coast and countryside.
Regular volunteers get involved in every aspect of our work and that of our partners. such as practical tasks, helping collect litter, talking to visitors, leading guided walks, monitoring wildlife or just being our extra ‘eyes and ears’ while out walking the dog.

Why not volunteer?

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Weather Forecast

It'll be a bright start in the north with patchy rain in southern parts. This rain will ease through the afternoon with sunny spells developing, but with the risk of an isolated shower or two. Maximum Temperature 20 °C.

Any showers will ease this evening to leave a dry and quiet night. Clear spells will develop and it will feel cooler than recent nights. Minimum Temperature 10 °C.

Formby Asparagus

Formby is rightly famous for it's fabulous Asparagus.

The produce is frequently cited in the  social media by Chefs and Restaurants when it becomes available.

Although it's only a short harvesting season the fields are on show all the year round. And of course there's a picturesque Asparagus trail to follow and learn more from.