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Sefton Clarifies Formby Parish Council Vacancy and Boundary Changes

Sefton Council's Principal Lawyer confirms my view regarding a recent Formby Parish Council resolution.

In my first post dated 7 February I wrote to both Formby Parish Council and Sefton Parish Council seeking clarification about the legitimacy of the following resolution:

7.1 To formally acknowledge the resignation of Cllr Gwyther and to determine whether to reduce the number of Cllrs to 14 for the present time, whilst formalising the process to re-draw the boundary of Formby Parish Council to incorporate the area known as Little Altcar Parish Council
(Source: http://www.formbyfirst.org.uk/2017/02/formby-parish-council-meeting-7th-february-2017.html)

Ballot Box LiveYou'll see from my original post I challenged the idea that a casual vacancy declaration can be deferred. I also challenged the notion that the Parish Council has the legal powers to alter Parish Boundaries or redraw them.

This morning I finally received the following answer from Sefton Council.

Dear Mr Brady,

I write with reference to your recent emails with Jill Coule.

In relation to Annex A to Chapter 4 of the budget report I have just checked the system and the document can be found at page 169 of the reports pack for this week’s Council meeting. If you are still having difficulty accessing the document please let me know. [My emphasis this was another issue I was seeking an answer for, from Sefton]

In relation to the matters concerning Formby Parish Council (FPC) , [my emphasis] I must apologise for not replying directly to you on the issues. My colleague met with the Chair and the Clerk of FBC on 21st February to cover the issues raised and I had presumed that you were a Parish Councillor and the information would have been passed on to you. I now understand you are not a member of FPC. My apologies.

I understand you raised three issues:

1. What FPC should do when a vacancy arises

2. FPC’s proposal to reduce the number of Councillors, and

3. The issue of a boundary change

I can confirm that your understanding of the legislative position in relation to the three issues is correct. [my emphasis]

Kind regards and once again apologies for not replying sooner.

Principal Lawyer

I now presume that Formby Parish Council has declared or will shortly declare a vacancy and that residents, if they so wish, can express an interest in becoming a member of the Council.

An election will only become necessary if enough voters ask for one, otherwise, the vacancy can be filled by Co-option.

Whichever way this proceeds, I hope the new member is utterly independent of any party or interest group. I also hope the person concerned is much younger than any of the present Council members, no offence intended.

Formby needs a wider range of talents experience and Civic enthusiasm.

As a former Councillor on Sefton and Formby Parish Councils, I'd be very happy to advise.



Sefton Council Budget 2017

Here's summary of Sefton Council's Budget as it impacts on the village of Formby.

As illustrated in 6 tweets. All the details are set out in details on the Sefton Council website and include other increases and cuts in all the services.

Formby Blog Word Cloud Live

Are you interested in Victorian or Edwardian history?

This latest blog story from the Atkinson might be of interest.

Many of us older residents in Formby are likely to harbour family memories of Edwardian times. I still recall my Mum's 'Dolly Peg'. How about you? Have you still got some old bits and pieces of old paperwork lying around?

The Atkinson Live 2

Formby High School - Spring Lectures

A series of free talks at Formby High School with University of Liverpool Continuing Education department.

Formby High Sprinh Lectures LiveContinuing Education often works in partnership with a number of the City of Liverpool’s cultural institutions to provide free talks and workshops throughout the year.

Starting on the 1 March with Dr Kate O'Leary and an Introduction to Shakespeare's World.

Formby High School - Spring Lectures
All talks will take place at Formby High School, Merseyside, L37 3HW

An Introduction to Shakespeare's World
Wednesday 1 March, 7-8pm

Dr Kate O’Leary

This lecture provides an introduction to the study of Shakespeare. We will look at the time in which Shakespeare lived and how politics, religion and other major social changes affected his writing. We will explore the theatres in which he worked, how actors performed on stage, what costumes they wore and what audiences loved to see!

We will also look at the number of plays that Shakespeare wrote and why some are performed more than others. By bringing the world of Shakespeare alive, we will see how important a figure he was, and still is, today.

If you would like to confirm your attendance please click here.

Archaeology on the Sefton Coast
Thursday 30 March, 7-8pm

Dr Rob Philpott

From prehistoric footprints to the lifeboat station, the Sefton coast’s rapidly changing shoreline and shifting dunes have produced a range of finds and sites of interest to archaeologists. Finds show that people have been living and working on and near the coast for thousands of years. This talk will look at some of these recent discoveries and will show how archaeologists record and interpret them.

If you would like to confirm your attendance please click here.

A Brief History of Gravity
Thursday 27 April, 7-8pm

Stephen Hughes

Newton’s law of gravitation successfully accounted for many phenomena in the solar system. Einstein developed an improved theory of gravity called general relativity to overcome the inconsistencies with Newton’s theory. Despite the success of general relativity, the origin of the universe and black holes are not fully explained by this theory. A new theory of gravity is expected to provide the missing details and would be regarded as the ultimate achievement in physics. This lecture explores aspects of these three periods of the history of gravity.

If you would like to confirm your attendance please click here.



Formby Parish Council Vacancy

In a previous post, I asked a question of Formby Parish Council about a complex resolution including a reference to a vacancy.

I also sent a copy of the question to Sefton Council seeking their advice about the resolution the Parish Council intended to discuss at their meeting.

( See:  http://www.formbyfirst.org.uk/2017/02/formby-parish-council-meeting-7th-february-2017.html )

The resolution is reproduced below.

7.1 To formally acknowledge the resignation of Cllr Gwyther and to determine whether to reduce the number of Cllrs to 14 for the present time, whilst formalising the process to re-draw the boundary of Formby Parish Council to incorporate the area known as Little Altcar Parish Council

In the event, the resolution was withdrawn at the last moment but the vacancy formally acknowledged. Since then despite my emails, I have yet to receive any further information and only the briefest of reply from Sefton.

I am have now approached the Electoral Commission with this question as shown in my 'tweet'.

More to follow.

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'Coastal Squeeze' and how it affects Formby

Formby is the fastest eroding property in the Trust’s care.

The Trust is working with partners to adapt to the rapid and long term changes this stretch of coastline is experiencing to protect both landscape and wildlife.

For the full report go to https:www.nationaltrust.org.uk/shiftingshores

This video was published in November 2015 and features travel writer Simon Calder. It's been viewed just over 4500 times, that's about half the number of houses in Formby. Perhaps it needs a wider audience, sooner rather than later.

Shifting Sands Formby Live

Something for the weekend?

Are you worried about your health?

Do you want to lose weight, start some exercise, it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg? Sefton Council have provided lot's of outdoor Green Gym equipment across the Borough.

And you don't need lessons on using the equipment here's some advice from Sefton on one of the common green Gym machines. The Cross Rider. Enjoy.

Cross Rider Live

Further GP practices sign up to successful pilot

Following the success of a repeat prescription pilot at 19 GP practices in Sefton, resulting in over £200,000 worth of estimated savings, 13 more surgeries are now signing up to the scheme.

The change in the way repeat prescriptions are ordered will not only improve patient’s safety but also reduce the amount of wasted medicines, estimated at costing the local NHS at least £2 million each year.

Medicine Scheme LiveNHS Southport and Formby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS South Sefton CCG are piloting the system that stops pharmacies from being able to order repeat prescriptions on behalf of patients from those participating practices.

Susanne Lynch, head of medicines management for both CCGs, said:

“Since its launch five months ago, the pilot is already proving to be a success with an estimated saving of £220,000 so far across Sefton.

It is important to note for those at the practices coming on board that the pilot will not affect anyone who already orders their own repeat prescriptions directly from their GP practice, and whilst the new system may be inconvenient for some, it does address some very real medicines safety issues as well as safeguarding precious NHS funds.”

Whilst GP practices will put special arrangements in place for those patients who would struggle to order their own repeat prescriptions directly from their GP practice, the next roll out will mean it will now affect 81,000 of a total of nearly 280,000 people registered at practices in Sefton.

It means that from 6 March, the 13 GP practices that are new to the pilot will be able to more safely monitor repeat prescriptions for these patients, ensuring their repeat medications remain appropriate for their individual medical conditions, which often change over time.

Dr Rob Caudwell, chair of NHS Southport and Formby CCG and Southport GP, said:

“We know that the current system often leads to patients receiving medications they do not require, yet because their pharmacy orders their repeats for them people continue to receive excess, which is a real safety issue and we need to end this.”

So, as well as introducing safer prescribing systems, the scheme will also save money, enabling more vital NHS funds to be spent on priority healthcare benefiting a greater number of Sefton residents.

Formby GP, Dr Emily Ball, said:

“We know our NHS services are operating in difficult financial times, so anything that can save resources whilst importantly improving patient safety at the same time has to be welcomed and I’d encourage residents who may experience some initial inconvenience to consider the overwhelming safety and cost benefits of this pilot.”

Bootle GP, Dr Anna Ferguson, added:

“This is about patients, carers, practices and pharmacies working together to achieve the safest and most cost effective prescribing systems that benefit us all.

If you are experiencing any difficulties don’t be afraid to speak to your practice or the Patient Advice and Liaison Service to resolve any issues.”

The pilot initially ran for five months in 19 practices and now the CCGs are adding 13 GP practices, which are listed below:

• Blundellsands Surgery
• Westway Medical Centre
• Netherton Health Centre
• Crossways Health Centre
• Crosby Village Surgery
• Moore Street Surgery
• Orrell Park Medical Centre
• 42 Kingsway Surgery
• Glovers Lane Surgery
• Rawson Road Medical Centre
• The Family Surgery
• Ainsdale Medical Centre
• Cumberland House Surgery

Patients new to the pilot will be invited to give their views and experiences as part of the evaluation of the system.

Anyone wanting to give their views about the pilot can complete a short survey, which can be found on each CCG’s website, along with more information and videos about the project by clicking here.

Those patients affected by the scheme have been sent a letter from their practice and the two CCGs, giving them full details of how the pilot will work and what it means for them. Anyone who has queries or who wants to know more can contact the PALS team on 0800 218 2333 or email CMCSU.PALS@nhs.net


Text service reminds patients of cost of missed appointments

Hospital patients are being told missing a hospital appointment costs the NHS £100 each time in new text reminder service

Hospital Text Messages LiveSouthport and Ormskirk hospitals have launched the service to help patients get to their appointments on time.

Text reminders are sent one week ahead of an appointment and again 48 hours before.

The text gives the date, time and place of the appointment and a contact number to call if the patient needs to cancel or rearrange.

Therese Patten, Chief Operating Officer, said: “Text reminders are a proven method of reducing the number of missed appointments, especially when they highlight the cost to the NHS. We know there are many reasons why people cannot attend appointments. All we ask is that patients let us know if they unable to attend.”

Patients unable to attend an appointment should let the hospital know as soon as possible so another patient can be given the slot. Appointments can be rearranged by calling 01695 656680 or emailing soh-tr.appointments@nhs.net.

Mobile telephone numbers will be used by the Trust only. They will not be passed to other parties. All personal information will be kept in line with the Data Protection Act and the Department of Health record retention guidance.

Issued by Tony Ellis, Marketing and Communications Manager
Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust
Telephone 01704 704494
Email tonyellis@nhs.net
Web www.southportandormskirk.nhs.uk
Twitter @SONHSTrust