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Sefton Council launches a 'News website' specifically for the residents of Sefton.

The Council announced the news using a range of social media as well as their existing website.

The news site went live on the web on Friday 3 March. The official announcement explains:

Sefton Council has revamped how it delivers news to its residents with the launch of a brand new website. (My emphasis)

Sefton News Site is now the home of all things Council, community and Public Health, delivering important news in a much more user friendly way and acting as a hub for residents to find out their information.

The new website, which has been designed in house, draws inspiration from typical online news platforms and will allow Sefton Council to share more engaging content in a way not currently possible, including putting a spotlight on some of the vital work that residents might not be aware of.

Users of the new website will find news by category rather than the current list format, while there is also a live roadworks map and a home for all local consultations, including those led by partner organisations.

Sefton Council is encouraging users to share news and information with handy social media social buttons meaning residents can help spread the word via their Facebook and Twitter profiles........more