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Friday 17 November 10.00 am

Formby Choral Society Autumn Concert

7.30pm 18 November Our Lady of Compassion Church Formby

Haydn - Nelson Mass
Zelenka - Missa Beat Purificationes

FCS Autumn Concert 2017An exciting concert - one huge favourite, and one completely unknown!

The Nelson Mass is generally considered to Haydn's greatest choral composition. We will be performing it in the original scoring of trumpets, timpani, organ and strings. Although Haydn subsequently added other wind parts to it, under pressure from a publisher, this scoring is beautiful and exciting.

The Zelenka work has only been performed once before in the UK, and we had to purchase the right to use the scores produced for the Czech choir who have made the only recording. It is a fabulous work!


 Thursday 16 November 12.o5pm 

Not Long Now

Formby Christmas lights depend each year on a great deal of sponsorship and support from many of the local businesses. And the volunteers who contribute their time and enthusiasm into planning the event.

The switch-on is Saturday 26 November at 5.00pm it deserves your support. 

 Wednesday 15 November 9.30 am 

As a follow-up to yesterday's World Diabetes Day 2017 I thought you might like to know about this idea.

 Tuesday 14 November 10.20 am 

Advice from our local NHS on World Diabetes Day 2017

Are you looking for advice and support? here's the latest in this week's video series from our NHS professionals.

 Monday 13 November 4.15 pm 

NHS Southport and Formby CCG is celebrating Self Care week

The CCG is publishing a series of video stories focusing on the ways people can look after their health, as well as some of the schemes and services to help them to do this, by giving them new skills and information about taking better care of their physical and mental wellbeing.

 Monday 10.00 am 13 November 

Are you addicted to the internet?

image from

Edge Hill University student is investigating Internet Addiction.

The research is being conducted by Georgia Riley, from the Department of Psychology (Her contact details are available on the survey site)

"The research project aims to investigate the relationship between self-esteem, personality and internet addiction. The topic of internet addiction is relatively new and is a growing concern; therefore, it is important to identify the factors associated with excessive internet use. In doing so, this project aims to fill a gap in current research."

For more information and to participate in the research