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Formby Live Music Festival 2016

FormbyLive 2016

On Sunday the 26th of June, there will be a full programme of great entertainment from national and local artistes on the Main Stage on Chapel Lane which will be closed to all traffic and on the Pool Stage at Formby Swimming Pool.


Formby's very own music festival in it's 8th year this year promises to be the best ever!  

With the main events taking place this weekend of 24th - 26th June, there will be performances from an enormous variety of artists in venues throughout the Village.

There will be lots of  musical events happening in Formby this weekend.



Little Lilac Coffee House and Tea Bar

Gemma Hulme, the owner of the Little Lilac Coffee House and Tea Bar is celebrating her first six months in Formby.

Lilac Cafe 1The Little Lilac provides a secret blend of artisan coffee and tea to supplement its freshly baked cakes and tasty locally sourced food in a friendly setting.

The unusually named Coffee House inherited it’s name from Gemma’s three little girls; Maddie, Maisy and Mia ‘Lilac’. Mia has suffered from multiple food allergies since birth and it was often very frustrating when they tried to eat out, as very little provision was available for Mia to eat.

Gemma had been baking privately and working in a coffee shop in Ormskirk as a way of supplementing her income for several years while finishing her business degree at Edge Hill University.

When the opportunity came in summer last year to buy ‘Cup and Cake’ at the end of Brows lane, she saw her chance to use her experience and passion to combine her love of baking to provide something special in Formby.

A unique blend of flame roasted, artisan coffee and selected tea’s accompany daily homemade soups, all day breakfast’s, sandwiches, salads, baked potatoes, sharing boards and a show stopping afternoon tea. A range of freshly baked cake’s, cupcakes and luxury ice cream accompany the savouries. Almost everything on the menu can be adapted for intolerance; something Gemma is personally passionate about.

Lilac Cafe 2Children love Lilacs for the chalkboard tables and little buckets of chalk on arrival and the children’s mini picnic baskets, as well as the personal message that comes with their food. Adults enjoy the tasty food and find china tea service.

They also openly welcomes dogs with their well-behaved owners. Lilacs are also starting to run regular evening cup cake decorating parties, children’s cupcake decorating mornings as well as being available birthday parties and private functions on request.

During the month of May Lilacs would like to offer Formby First readers the chance to come and celebrate with them.

Treat your friends and family. Mention Formby First and come and enjoy our big chain amnesty, present your ‘big chain’ loyalty cards for 50% off hot drinks between 10am-11am Monday – Friday or come in on a Sunday morning before 11am for free drink with crumpets or teacakes.


What Are Those Steps at The Grapes For?

How many customers at the Grapes Hotel ever wonder what these steps outside the entrance are for?

Mounting Steps The Grapes

I suspect most of us would guess that there's a connection between them and earlier forms of transport such as wagons or coaches.

In fact, they're a 'Mounting Block'. They are there specifically to help a rider mount his or her horse more readily. According to Wikipedia they were:

Usually made from stone or wood before the era of the motor car they were common. Some have three or more steps leading up to a platform which gave extra height and therefore easier access to the saddle and less chance of falling when dismounting.

 A few had a wall or some other support to one side of the steps. Some were built as memorials and bear inscriptions. They were built with bricks, ashlar and even occasionally from a single stone block.

There are modern versions available normally in stables or equestrian centres, there they are there mainly for the benefit of the horses. They help to prevent  a horse's body twisting when riders mount the horse distressing or injuring the horse in the process.

I don't know about you but if you let your imagination go a little, it's easy to imagine former bowler-hatted, portly, red-faced Victorian and Edwardian residents of Formby and Freshfield leaving the Grapes after a good night's drinking, playing darts, cribbage or crown green bowling being taken home by a patient knowing horse. No need for a 'Sat Nav'.

No cars , little street lighting, lots of potholes, plenty of rural peace and quiet. The good old days!.


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Festive Fizz at The Freshfield

Christmas is the perfect occasion for celebrating with a glass (or two) of fizz... Stop by and treat yourself and friends to Prosecco or Bollinger and help us spread some Christmas cheer!

Freshfield Xmas 2015Our lovely doubly promotion is in full swing this Christmas, there really isn't anything you won't love about it. It's simple make yours a double for an extra £1.50 on all spirits.

One of many festive treats we have in store for you this Christmas

Here at Freshfield we have a fantastic range of warming cask ales. Don’t miss out on a pint of our very own festive cask ale Rocking Rudolph.

Or treat yourself to one of our delightful Christmas cocktails our Chambord Kir Royale is quickly becoming a festive favourite.

Don’t forget if you’re the ‘sleigh driver’ we have a special present for you too.

Get two free drinks when purchasing any main — please enquire to our elves behind the bar for more information.