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Formby Christmas Lights 2015


Formby Christmas Lights 2015Formby Christmas Lights Switch-On 2015 - Enjoy

Here's the latest details from the team:

12pm Event opens with stalls, fairground rides, food & drinks

1pm Santa's 'Pop Up' Grotto opens it's doors

1-3 Performances from Marshside Brass Band

2-5 Performance from Churches Together throughout the day

2pm Main Stage hosted by Sky TV's Neil Newton:

2:00 Jon Casey Blues Band

2:30 Make Noise (Choir)

2:45 StarKidz

3:00 Anna Corcoran

3:30 St. Jerome's School Choir

3:45 Amelia

4:00 G-Force (Choir)

4:30 BooGaLoo

5:00 Switch-On by Graham Stuart & Alan Kennedy

5:15 The Ambition

6:00 Dublin Street

6:30 Close

There will be lots of food outlets including Brough's BBQ, Hop & Horn peri peri chicken BBQ, Hog Roast, Cafe D'Art BBQ, plus Woodwards Wine stand, Red Star Beers and much more!

The weather forecast is looking good (amazingly) so fingers crossed and let's look forward to a fantastic day!!!
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Check out our album to remind yourself of what a great day we had last year!


Halloween Celebrations at the Grapes Hotel

The Grapes
The Grapes: Source Wikimedia

The Grapes Hotel in Freshfield is celebrating Halloween and invite you to join them in the fun.


From 3pm to 5pm there's a "Halloween Fun Day" specially for the young which is followed by a Halloween DJ Night for adults from 8pm to Midnight. If you're into:

  • Fancy Dress Competitions
  • Face Paint
  • Treat or Treat
  • Hot Dog Fingers
  • Duck Apple
  • Vampire Blood Shots

Then it has to be at The Grapes


Chapel Lane Halloween Spookfest

Are you ready for the Chapel Lane Spookfest?

Woodwards', Cafe D'Art and Hop and Horn in the village are all celebrating Halloween and invite to join them in the festivities. There are prizes for the best dressed who turn up.

Chapel Lane Spookfest
Go on, it's time to get your 'freak' on, Formby!

There's Live Music, a kids party followed by a disco for older ghouls and a Halloween Party.

You're spoilt for choice or better still enjoy all of these events in turn.


It's An Explosive Weekend Ahead

Are you looking at different things and activities to keep the kids entertained?

Or simply looking for things to do with the family?

Visit Southport Fireworks 2105

Look no further than the British Musical Fireworks Championship,  ......   this is a must see event, one that you will never want to miss.

It is no ordinary firework display; over three nights you will see some of the best pyrotechnic companies battle it out to be the winner.......


I don't know about you but I have vivid memories of similar events held in Northern Spain during the later part of a summer evening.

Huge explosions, dramatic traces of light illuminating the whole sky. Accompanied by ear piercing explosions. So it's exciting to think that Southport will be alight this weekend with The British Musical Fireworks Championship. Apparently it's the only one of a kind in this country.

The details above are only an extract from the 'Visit Southport' web site. Select the link to see the full details and even order your tickets on-line.

If an 'explosive Rugby Game' this weekend is not for you then maybe this is a better alternative.



Is The Village Becoming Cluttered?

Are we in danger of spoiling the centre of the town. The village lies at the heart of our town do we care enough about how it meets our needs, can we improve the high street?

Village View
Is the centre of Formby in need of change and renewal? On the face of it the heart of our town is doing well.

As retail units become available they are fairly rapidly reopened, unlike many other high streets.

The mix of mature trees, broad pavements and café outlets give Formby a welcome social space. But can it be better?

Have a close look at the view of the village. Is the space under threat? 

  • Cafe outdoor seating
  • Flower planters
  • Bike racks
  • Lamp-posts
  • Litter bins
  • Benches
  • A-Boards
  • Shop pavement displays
  • Bollards
  • Poor car parking
  • Traffic light system and railings

Does it matter you might ask, but I sense that gradually we're cluttering up the centre of the village. The number of A-boards has suddenly grown and they litter the pavement. I know there are good economic arguments in their favour but these are acquiring the Terry Wogan 'road cone' label. Too many, constantly increasing and occupying space that ought to be for pedestrians.

The village space is primarily public space shared by one and all, pedestrians as well as retailers. Pedestrians are becoming secondary to the traffic and retail activity.

What do you think? Do you agree with me? Have you any got any suggestions on improvements or are you happy with the ways it is?

Use the comment link below to make your views known. Let's have a debate.