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Sefton Council Municipal Year Restarts

Sefton Council will restart the Municipal year this week by holding it's annual General Meeting at Bootle Town Hall.

The question is : 'What are likely to be the changes as a result of the elections?'

Sefton_council_logoMembers old and newly elected, have been summoned to attend the meeting at the Town Hall. Traditionally the meeting is held in two halves. The first half is held on Tuesday and the second half of the meeting is reconvened on the following Thursday.

The first part of the meeting is all about the appointment of a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor and the retirement of the existing office holders. Then on Thursday the Council appoints individual members to a variety of roles and membership of committees.

There are formal rules determining how the seats on committees are allocated. In essence the rules are based on the proportions of the Political Parties. In general individual Independent Councillors are not allocated any roles under these arrangements.

I'm looking forward to the resolution of two interesting questions. 

Firstly it'll will be interesting to observe whether or not FRAG will get membership of any of the committees.

Following the elections this May there are now 2 Councillors who have stood for election under the FRAG banner. Both of them are from Formby.

  • Cllr Maria Bennett
  • Cllr Bob McCann

We're about to find out if the increase in representation has produced any tangible results or whether they will remain as back bench Council members and only required to attend the very minimum of meetings.

Secondly, who will become the new Leader of the Conservative Group?

The once mighty Conservative Party membership of the Council has dwindled to 6, I remember when they were in the majority as Labour are now. The leader has just resigned his role, so the question is, 'Who will succeed him as leader?'

It's interesting to note  3 of the present members were or are elected members for Formby.

  • Cllr Denise Dutton, currentlt Deputy Leader of the Conservative Group (Harington Ward)
  • Cllr Simon Jamieson (Harington Ward)
  • Cllr Harry Bliss (Formby Chair of Formby Parish Council now Cambridge Ward)

Watch this space!




Sefton Council Election Outcomes

Now the dust is settling after the fury of the local elections the question might be, 'What happens now'?

Council CloudThe answer is simple, the normal annual routine of local Government starts once more. Next Tuesday newly elected members join the existing Council to apportion the exercise of power and responsibility among the members.

The figures make interesting reading.

Political Group Number of Councillors
Labour 38
Liberal Democrat 17
Conservative 6
Independents 4
Conservative Independent Member 1
Total 66

I can remember the time when Sefton was controlled by the Conservative Party from 1974 until 1986. Following elections in May 1986 the Council was under  'No overall control', some preferred to describe it as a 'Balanced Council'. The Council stayed in some form or other of 'coalition' until the Labour Party gained power.

Between 1980 and 1987 I was a Labour Councillor for the Linacre Ward in Bootle. I was one of 21 Labour Councillors, it was the most frustrating period of public office. All we had to offer was bluster and empty promises, we could do no more other than try to meet the individual needs of residents in our wards

So what now in May 2016?

Labour retain overall control of Sefton Council thoroughly hamstrung by central Government controls on the exercise of local power. Essentially Councillors have become 'administrators' of Government policies at the local level.

The Conservatives Councillors are a troubled group, now a shadow of their former selves. The Liberals are regaining Southport and the remaining members can exercise nothing more than their voices.

In my view that's the outcome.

What can we, the residents and voters do, just wait until next year to endorse or unseat the standing Councillor?

I know what I'm going to do.

I will follow the careers and activities of each and everyone of our local Formby Councillors. I will judge them on their activity and visibility within and on behalf of the Community, I may not agree with all their policies but I will try to judge what they as individuals bring to enrich the community in as many and varied ways of possible.

  • No actions
  • No visible accountability
  • No ideas to take the community forward across the whole spectrum of civic life
  • Concentration only on a single issue, it won't be enough for me.

Here's my manifesto: I want

  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Ideas to take the whole community forward
  • Leadership
  • Determination to involve us vigorously, the public in Civic life not just meetings - doing stuff.
    • In local Economics including the visitor economy
    • In Village Life
    • In Social life
    • Our Health and well being
    • The environment
  • And much more and I include our own Town Councillors in this too I want to see you on our streets,

How about you?



Votes Cast In Formby Local Elections

These are the details of votes cast in Formby's local elections.

VotingThere were two Sefton MBC seats up for election in Formby, Harington Ward and Ravenmeols Ward. Each newly elected member will serve as a member of Sefton Council for the next four years.

Formby Parish Council AGM Followed by the Ordinary Monthly Meeting

Notice of the Annual Meeting of the Formby Parish Council

Fpc-maroonThe Annual Meeting of the Formby Parish Council will be held at Formby Library, Duke Street, Formby on Tuesday 3 May 2016 at 7pm.

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the business to be transacted at the Meeting as set out hereunder.

Claire Jenkins
Clerk to Formby Parish Council


1.0 To elect a Chairman for 2016-17, who will then sign the “Declaration of Acceptance of Office”

2.0 To elect a Vice Chairman 2016-17, who will then sign the “Declaration of Acceptance of Office”

3.0 To receive apologies for absence

4.0 To receive declarations of interest

5.0 Public Forum (the meeting will be adjourned for this item)

6.0 To consider and approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 5 April 2016 – (enclosed)

7.0 Matters of Report from Previous Meeting – for information only

8.0 To receive the retiring Chairman’s Annual Report

9.0 To appoint representatives to the following:

Central Sefton Area Committee

Sefton Area Partnership Local Councils

Sefton Rights of Way Group

Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Beachsafe 2016

Merseytravel Forum

10.0 To agree Cllrs roles for 2016-17 in respect of:

  • Finance Group
  • General Purposes Group
  • Environment Group
  • Planning

11.0 To resolve that the Council meets the criteria set out by the Secretary of State in Parish Councils (General Power of Competence) (Prescribed Conditions) Order 2012.

Note - At the time of the resolution the number of councillors elected at the last election, or subsequent by-election must equal or exceed two thirds of the total seats; the Clerk must hold one of two sector-specific qualifications: CiLCA or the level Four qualification from the University of Gloustershire and must have passed section 7 of CiLCA if pre 2012.

The Council must confirm its eligibility at every annual meeting after ordinary elections.

12.0 To approve the dates for the Annual Calendar of Meetings 2016-17 (enclosed)

13.0 Annual Return

13.1 To approve the annual governance statement section 1 (enclosed)

13.2 To approve the accounting statements section 2 (enclosed)

14.0 Update on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan/ Local Plan.

15.0 Planning Applications – Sefton’s weekly list email, also available on Sefton Council’s website.

16.0 To discuss and resolve the following:

16.1 To approve the purchase of replacement CCTV for the Village at a cost of £12,600 (see GP and Finance Group minutes)

16.2 To notify Cllrs of the expenditure of £490 for the topographical survey of the Chapel Lane roundabout as required to complete the feasibility study.

16.3 To approve the purchase of a flagpole and flags for the Memorial Garden at a cost of £929.

16.4 To approve the quote for planting of phormiums and ornamental grasses in the Memorial Garden at £527.80

16.5 To approve the quote topsoil/compost for Chapel Lane roundabout at £350+vat.

16.6 To approve the donation of £800 to the Formby little Theatre (Finance Minutes)

16.7 To approve the renewal of the Parish Council Insurance at a cost of £2,594.41

17.0 To authorise Payments (enclosed)

18.0 To receive the following reports – enclosed for information only

            Clerk’s report

            Environment Group minutes

            General Projects Group minutes

            Finance Group minutes

            Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group minutes

19.0 Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 7 June 2016 to be held in the Meeting Room, Formby Library at 7pm

Members of the press and public are cordially invited to attend

 Any Comments or questions?

Use the comments link below or use Twitter


Candidates in the forthcoming local elections

Here's the list of candidates in Formby for the forthcoming local elections and those standing for election as the Police and Crime Commissioner.

 Sefton Council Elections

Surname First Name Party Ward
Doran [Doran] Alfred [Alf] Labour Party Harington
McCluskie Stephen Thomas Liberal Democrats Harington
Pitt Michael Ronald The Conservative Party Candidate Harington
Willis Richard Graham The Green Party Harington
McCann [McCann] Robert [Bob] Community Action Not Party Politics Ravenmeols
Hale [Hale] Timothy Royston [Tim] Labour Party Ravenmeols
Moore Wendy The Conservative Party Candidate Ravenmeols
Boardman [Boardman] Jean Catherine [Jean] UK Independence Party Ravenmeols

Police and Crime Commissioner

Surname First Name Party PCC Voting Area
Coyne John Bernard Cowan Green Party Police and Crime Commissioner
Kennedy Jane Elizabeth Labour Party Police and Crime Commissioner
Carubia Christopher David Vincenzo Liberal Democrats Police and Crime Commissioner
Burgess-Joyce David Robert The Conservative Party Candidate Police and Crime Commissioner

  Ballot Paper