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Formby Community Flood Watch Group Formed

Formby FloodwatchFormby Parish Council in association with with residents and Sefton Council have set up a new community group called Formby Flood Watch.

There will be a public meeting for the residents of Formby to attend on the 24th February at 7.00 pm at the Gild Hall, Formby to find out all about this new group and to raise concerns they have regarding surface water flooding and drainage problems affecting Formby.

Currently the Parish Council are facilitating this group by providing a meeting venue and flyers etc but it will be the residents who will formulate this group and work with the various agencies to include Sefton Council, Environmental Agency, United Utilities etc


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Formby Parish Council Increases Annual Precept

Formby Parish Council has voted to increase the annual payment from households (the precept) which is based on 'band D' council tax banding.

Fpc-maroonThe payment will increase by 93 pence a year or just over 7 pence per month.

Although this equates to a 15% increase, it is 15% of £6.30 per household per year, the majority of the council felt that it was a very small increase in real terms.

The new Parish Council, elected last May, are keen to renew faith in what local councils can achieve. Formby Residents currently pay one of the smallest precepts in the country, compared to the other 9000 or so councils and indeed charge less than Little Altcar whose precept is £9.57 per year.

Bob McCann who is the council current Chair said

I do not think that many residents appreciate that the Parish Council only receives less than £7 a year from each household, which is why we cannot provide any large projects. We all like the flowers in the village, but the Parish Council could do much more for the community.

Residents need to know that the money given to the Parish Council is spent 100% locally in Formby. I would ask the residents of Formby to consider what they would like to see the PC do for them, and then how much they would be prepared to contribute a year to achieve it.

We will canvass residents this year to get their opinions. I want to see the Parish Council grow in influence locally and become a real stalwart of the community.


Formby Parish Council Meeting to set the Precept

Formby Parish Council

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend the next ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council which will be held at Formby Library, Duke Street, Formby, on Tuesday 2 February 2016, at 7.00pm.

Claire Jenkins
Clerk to Formby Parish Council

1.0 To receive Apologies

2.0 To Receive Declarations of Interest

3.0 Public Forum (the meeting will be adjourned for this item)

4.0 To consider and approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 5 January 2016 – (enclosed)

5.0 Matters of Report from Previous Meeting – for information only

6.0 Update on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan/ Local Plan.

7.0 Planning Applications – monthly report enclosed

8.0 To discuss and approve the following:

8.1 To agree the budget for 2016/17 – report enclosed

8.1 To agree the Precept for 2016/17 – report enclosed

9.0 To authorise Payments (enclosed)

10.0 Chairman’s Report

11.0 To receive the following reports – enclosed for information only

Clerk’s report
Environment Group minutes
General Projects Group minutes
Finance Group minutes

12.0 Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 1 March 2016 to be held in the Meeting Room, Formby Library at 7pm

Members of the press and public are invited to attend.

COMMENT: Please note 

  • None of the reports referred to in the agenda as 'enclosed'  were available at the time of posting.
  • Members of the public can and if interested should stay for the whole meeting, there's always items and Councillor's contributions worth listening too and noting.
    The exclusion of the public can only be made on very limited grounds and very rarely occurs.


Community Justice Panels to Launch in Sefton

Sefton Council has just announced the formation of Community Justice Panels.

JusticeThe needs of victims of crime are set to be put at the centre of the justice system in Sefton with the launch of Community Justice Panels.

The service, launched by Sefton Council in partnership with Merseyside Police, is a neighbourhood approach to resolving anti-social behaviour, community conflict and small level criminal offenses with the help of local residents.

Community Justice Panels are made up of volunteers from the local community and facilitate Restorative Justice Conferences, helping to decide on a suitable outcome for the conflict and develop Acceptable Behaviour Contracts that the offender must follow for a period of 6 months.

The aim of restorative justice is to bring together victims, offenders and the community, encouraging the offender to face up to their actions and the implications they have and allowing for the voices of those affected to be heard.......More

Further information about the idea and the introduction of these panels is available on a Government website:

Justice MinistryIn the Green Paper, ‘Breaking the Cycle’, the Ministry of Justice consulted on plans to test the effectiveness of neighbourhood justice panels. Public responses reaffirmed the government’s commitment to test the panel approach, enabling lessons to be learned about the types of models and processes used, and the impact of the neighbourhood justice panels.

Neighbourhood justice panels are a means of working with local communities using restorative justice to address problem behaviour and low level offending which affects communities, and to repair the harm caused......More

Sources: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/neighbourhood-justice-panels and http://www.sefton.gov.uk/news/community-justice-panels-to-launch-in-sefton.aspx


A History of the Formby Area Flood Protection

This short video charts the history of the Alt Crossens catchment area from the 1600s to the current day.

It describes how the original marshland was drained for farming in the 1800s and the infrastructure now in place to combat flooding. 


In the last few weeks there has been a considerable local debate in the social media about flooding, planning and proposals for more housing.

I hope an understanding of the geography of our town and it's surrounding land together with the impact of existing human intervention contributes to the debate. 

It's a complex story involving land owners, agencies, pumping stations, two Rivers, and a maze of numerous drainage ditches. 

The questions arising include:

Is it effective? Is it well managed and maintained? What will climate change do to to the system? Can it handle a lot more housing? 

On a personal level I was surprised to learn that the Alt mouth pumping station is a recent development,  only installed in 1972. That's the year my wife and I moved to Formby.

Formby Flood Drainage Basin 

This screenshot taken from the latest EA website illustrates the importance of the drainage system in place around Formby.