Formby Nativity Musical 2017

Formby Churches Together



A Nativity Musical

Formby Pool Gardens
Sunday 10 December at 2 pm


Make Noise Choir
Our Lady's school choir
Woodlands school choir
Freshfield school choir
St Jerome's school Choir

Free Fun & Entertainment for all the family


This Week

 Wednesday 22 November 10.00 am 

What Formby Pool Trust is all about.

The Formby Pool Trust published this video yesterday explaining what it does and how it does it.

Set in the heart of our landscaped gardens. The award-winning centre boasts two luxurious pools, a wellness suite and cafe. 

Published on Youtube by The Formby Pool Trust on 20 Nov 2017


 Tuesday 21  November 9.30 am 

Community Lecture at Formby High School


Dr Jennifer Brown of the University of Liverpool will be speaking at the next 'Community Lecture' hosted by Formby High School on 22 November 2017 (7pm).

The event is free to all members of the public - if you are interested, please contact either Formby High School or The University of Liverpool to reserve your tickets.

When 22 Nov 2017 at 7:00pm until 22 Nov 2017 at 9:00pm
Where Formby High School Freshfield Road Formby L37 3HW

Monday 20 November 9.30 am

Sefton Council celebrates #OurDay

#OurDay 2017 takes place 21 November. It is Sefton Council's chance to shine a light on the amazing work that we and our volunteers do to support our communities.

In common with local Councils around the country, Sefton Councils' participation will be 'live tweeted' using the hashtag #OurDay


Take control and Self Care for life

Take control and self-care week-long campaign

Dr-CaudwellServices and schemes available in Sefton to support residents to take control of their health and wellbeing are highlighted during a week-long campaign (13-19 November 2017) from the borough’s two NHS clinical commissioning groups (CCGs).

NHS Southport and Formby CCG is celebrating Self Care week with a series of video stories focusing on the ways people can look after their health, as well as some of the schemes and services to help them to do this, by giving them new skills and information about taking better care of their physical and mental wellbeing.

Speaking of the campaign, Dr Rob Caudwell, chair of NHS Southport and Formby CCG and local GP, said:

“The video stories featured on the CCGs’ websites and social media are an excellent way of highlighting how people can treat themselves and look after their own health and wellbeing.”

Sefton residents are also being reminded that one of the quickest and easiest ways to get advice on self-care is to visit any high street pharmacy. Chemists can provide expert help and advice about caring for minor illnesses and ailments, along with healthy living.


As well as the regular support people can access from their local pharmacy, 17 across Sefton also offer Care at the Chemist, which ensures more vulnerable residents who do not normally pay for their prescriptions have quick, easy and free access to medicines for range of minor illnesses and ailments without the need for a doctor’s appointment.

Embracing self-care is all about the little things people can do every day to live well and be healthy. Being active, eating healthily and learning when to treat common ailments without the need for a doctor’s appointment are all ways to embrace self-care.

Dr Caudwell said:

“There are so many easy things we can all do to help ourselves, such as keeping active, eating well, stopping smoking and limiting alcohol to recommended levels are all important in helping us maintain physical and mental health.”

The video stories featured on the CCGs’ websites and social media during Self Care week  highlight the range of help and advice available at local pharmacies in Sefton, the support for older residents to help them prevent injuring themselves due to falls at Active Lifestyle’s Active Ageing group, the methods and techniques residents can adopt to look after their mental health and wellbeing and much more.

The video stories will be posted every day through self-care week on the CCG’s website at and Twitter at @NHSSFCCG.

More information on how everyone can use self-care to improve their health and wellbeing is also available on the NHS Choices website at and from the Self Care Forum at


Formby Parish Council Meeting

Formby Parish Council meets tonight at 7.00pm in Formby Library. 

image from

The meeting is open to all members of the public. The agenda is shown below. 

Notice of Meeting

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend the next ordinary Meeting of the Parish Council, which will be held at Formby Library, Duke Street, Formby, on Tuesday 7 November 2017, at 7.00pm.  

Claire Jenkins

Clerk to Formby Parish Council


1.0 To receive Apologies

2.0 To Receive Declarations of Interest          

3.0 Public Forum (the meeting will be adjourned for this item)

4.0 To consider and approve the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 3 October 2017.

5.0 Matters of Report from Previous Meeting – for information only               

6.0 Planning Applications – Sefton’s weekly list email, also available on Sefton Council’s website.

6.1 To note current position on Formby Development Sites in Sefton’s Local Plan.

7.0 To discuss and resolve the following:

7.1 To discuss and approve a donation of £500 to cover the cost of public liability insurance for the Churches Together Nativity Play                       

8.0 To authorise Payments (enclosed)

9.0 Chairman’s Report   

10.0 To receive an update on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan   

11.0 To receive the following reports – enclosed for information only

    Clerk’s report

    Environment Group minutes

    General Projects Group minutes

    Finance Group minutes

    Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

12.0 Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 5 December 2017 to be held in the Meeting Room, Formby Library at 7pm

Members of the press and public are welcome to attend


Parking Restrictions proposed for Formby Village

On 10 November Cllr John Fairclough, Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member - Locality Services will be asked to give approval for the introduction of Traffic Regulation Orders at various locations in Formby Village.


He will consider two reports, an extract from one of these is shown below.

Following objections to the introduction of car parking charges on Sumner Road car park, it was agreed with Ward Members and Parish Councillors, that officers would carry out a comprehensive parking survey prior to the introduction of the parking charges. This was done in September 2015.

A second survey was carried out in April 2017, once parking patterns had settled down, in order to establish whether there had been any displacement of parking following the car park charges. In both surveys, special attention was also given to several areas where complaints had already been received, regarding obstructive and dangerous parking.

The purpose of this report is to highlight whether any parking has been displaced, following the introduction of the charges, and to evaluate whether any roads within the study area required additional waiting restrictions.

Results of Surveys

In both surveys, parking surveys were carried out on a Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Any vehicle parked within the study area was noted...... In addition to the location of the parked vehicles, an assessment was made at the time by the surveyor, as to whether the positioning of the vehicles resulted in any obstruction/congestion.

In addition to identifying the location of any on-street parking, the surveyors also quantified the number of vehicles in each of the three car parks.......

As ..... usage of the Sumner Road car park has remained almost at capacity, despite the charges being introduced, and none of the parking has been displaced into surrounding roads.
A number of locations which were initially raised as concerns, still remain a concern and require various waiting restrictions in order to remove the congestion and improve safety.


It is proposed, therefore, to introduce a number of waiting restrictions on:-
 Halsall Lane
 Gores Lane
 Lonsdale Road
 Rosemary Lane
 Freshfield Road
 Duke Street


For all the details use the following link:

Why not ask your pharmacist?

Health experts in Sefton are reminding residents to ask their pharmacist about the range of services available in local chemists during a week-long campaign, running from 6 to 12 November, and beyond.

Winter Pharmacy Story
Pharmacist, Sarah Halpin encourages people to discover the advice and support available from their local pharmacy

NHS Southport and Formby Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS South Sefton CCG are supporting ‘Ask Your Pharmacist’ week, which highlights the range of services and support that is available to people from their local chemist.

Ask Your Pharmacist complements the national Stay Well This Winter campaign, encouraging people to look after themselves during the winter months – reminding them to see a pharmacist if they need advice on managing cough or cold symptoms; and for older people, a reminder to keep warm during the winter months by putting on an extra layer or turning up their heat.

Often, people make unnecessary trips to the GP or even A&E, when their neighbourhood chemist could help instead. In recent years, pharmacists have expanded their role, and now provide a wide range of clinical and public health services, within easy reach of the people who need them most. However, whilst most people go first to their chemist for medicines and medicines advice, many don’t know about the range of other healthcare services on offer in chemists.

Sarah Halpin, a pharmacist at Alexander’s Pharmacy in Waterloo, said:

"Your local pharmacist is often the best place to go when you have a concern or question about a minor ailment. We can advise you on a number of conditions including aches and pains, sore throats, coughs, colds, flu, earache, cystitis, skin rashes and more.

“Your local pharmacy can help you look after your own and your family’s health by offering advice on healthy eating, physical activity, losing weight and stopping smoking.

“The best part about seeking advice from your pharmacist is that you don’t need to book an appointment, and many pharmacies are open longer hours than some GP surgeries.

Another way to make the most of your local pharmacist is by signing up to NHS South Sefton CCG and NHS Southport and Formby CCG’s Care at the Chemist scheme, which is aimed at more vulnerable residents who do not normally pay for their prescriptions. Care at the Chemist is available at a number of pharmacies across the borough and provides expert advice and medications for a wide range of conditions, without the need for a doctor’s appointment.

Susanne Lynch, the CCGs’ head of medicines management, said:

“If you are one of our more vulnerable residents and you do not normally pay for your prescription, then Care at the Chemist is a great way for you to be seen by a health professional, who can advise on treatment for a number of ailments and offer medication where appropriate.

For a list of pharmacies signed up to the Care at the Chemist scheme and how to register, visit NHS South Sefton CCG’s website at and NHS Southport and Formby CCG’s website at

For more information about the Stay Well This Winter campaign please see:


Pregnant women in Sefton urged to get their flu jab

Pregnant women across the Borough are being urged by Sefton Council, NHS South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and NHS Southport and Formby CCG to make sure they get the flu jab this winter



Laura Gibson who works at NHS South Sefton CCG and NHS Southport and Formby CCG gets her flu jab

If you are pregnant, you are eligible for the flu vaccination free of charge. The flu jab is the safest way to protect you and your baby against flu. The flu vaccine reduces the risk of catching flu and of complications and potentially harmful consequences for both mother and baby if you do catch the flu, such as premature birth and pneumonia. It also reduces the risk of your baby getting flu in the first few months of its life.

The flu vaccination is one of the most effective ways to reduce harm from flu as it reduces the risk of serious illness, hospitalisation and even death among those who are most at risk - including expectant mothers.

Pregnancy naturally weakens the body’s immune system and as a result, mothers may be less able to fight off infections, increasing the risk of becoming seriously ill as a result of flu.

Cllr Ian Moncur, Cabinet Member Health and Wellbeing, said:

"Flu is a highly contagious illness that spreads rapidly. It can cause serious complications for at-risk groups, such as expectant mothers and people with long-term health conditions.

"The flu jab can be the last thing on people's minds, especially expectant mums.

"However, while for many people flu is an unpleasant illness, for pregnant women it is extremely dangerous. My advice for anyone eligible for the free flu vaccination is to get it now before flu starts to circulate in the Sefton community.”

Laura Gibson, who works at the CCG’s in Sefton, said:

“This is my first pregnancy and I think it’s so important to be vaccinated as it protects both me and my baby, It’s great that the NHS is offering the jab for free to pregnant women like me and that the vaccine is safe during any stage of pregnancy.”

Free flu vaccinations are being offered to all pregnant women, all children aged 2 to 4, residents of all ages with a long-term health condition and everyone aged 65 and over. Most people who are eligible can get vaccinated at their local GP practice.

Dr Wendy Hewitt, clinical lead for children and maternity, NHS South Sefton CCG and NHS Southport and Formby CCG, added:

"You can have the flu vaccine at any point in your pregnancy and not only is it safe for you and your baby, it’ll reduce your chances of becoming seriously ill as a result of flu from things like pneumonia, premature birth or even miscarriage.

“The added advantage is that your baby will continue to be protected from flu for the first few months of their life. Talk to your GP or midwife if you have any questions and they’ll be happy to help.”


'Safe Refuge' Offer During the Bonfire Period

Merseyside Fire Stations make 'safe havens' offer. 

The Merseyside Fire Service published the following statement on their website yesterday. 

Remember, remember… Merseyside fire stations are community safe havens

Safe haven During the Bonfire period, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is reminding members of the public that they can seek refuge at any Merseyside fire station. 

Over the past four years, all 22 Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service stations have signed up to become ‘Safe Havens’. 

In the weeks leading up to Bonfire Night, firefighters deal with more incidents involving deliberately set fires, wheelie bin and skip fires, bonfires and incidents involving the misuse of fireworks. 

This, in combination with the nights drawing in, can leave some people feeling more at risk at this time of year. 

People who feel unsafe or vulnerable to anti-social behaviour (ASB), or who feel they are being pursued or threatened, can head to a fire station where they will see the Safe Haven signs illuminated at night. 

Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan said: “At this time of year, we experience a spike in firework and bonfire-related ASB. Anyone feeling at risk of harm related to this anti-social behaviour can go to one of our 22 Safe Havens. 

“Our firefighters are highly trained in first aid and trauma care and so this initiative allows us to serve our communities and protect vulnerable people. This applies at any time of the year, but is particularly relevant now.” 

To access a station, members of the public should ring the bell by the entrance door. If firefighters are not at the station, assistance can be called in an emergency by using the yellow station phone located at the front of the buildings. 

The Safe Haven scheme was launched in Merseyside in January 2011. As well as fire stations, a number of shops, businesses and community buildings have also been designated as Safe Havens.


Formby Fire Station to include Community Police?

Merseyside’s Police Commissioner is asking people living in Formby if they would like to see a Community Police Station co-located with the fire and ambulance service in their local fire station.

The Police Commissioner has published news of a consultation for the residents of Formby.

PCC and Formby Fire StationJane Kennedy is proposing to locate a new, accessible Community Police Station in Formby Community Fire Station, which is also used by the North West Ambulance Service, enabling all three emergency services to be co-located.

The Church Road building was opened in 2014 as part of a £47m scheme to modernise fire service facilities across the North West. The station was designed to be used by the entire community and boasts a well-used community gym.

The move would enable the existing police station also on Church Road, which has been closed to the public since 2012, to be sold, with all the money being reinvested into the Force......Full story


People are asked to share their views by November 10th by emailing


Norovirus warning for hospital visitors

Visitors are being asked to stay away from the hospital if they have recently suffered from vomiting or diarrhoea.

image from formbyfirst.typepad.comNorovirus, the winter vomiting bug, is circulating in the community and one case was confirmed this week at Southport and Formby District General Hospital.

A number of beds on wards 7A and 10A have been temporarily closed to new admissions as a precaution.

Andrew Chalmers, Deputy Director of Infection Prevention and Control, said:

“Instances of diarrhoea and vomiting are always investigated when they occur in hospital. As a precaution, we may close bays within wards while we investigate the cause, which is usually due to a patient’s medical condition rather than infection.

“Coming to the hospital as a visitor when you are poorly with sickness and diarrhoea risks spreading germs to patients and staff. Please stay away unless it is absolutely necessary. If a visit is essential, please telephone the ward manager first.”

Symptoms of norovirus include a sudden onset of vomiting and/or diarrhoea. Some people may have a temperature, headache and stomach cramps.

The illness usually resolves in one or two days and there are no long-term effects. If you are affected, stay at home, drink plenty of fluids, wash your hands after using the toilet and prior to eating, and clean or disinfect contaminated surfaces.