Man found dead after caravan blaze at Shorrocks Hill

A man and several horses have died after a caravan fire in Formby .

Fire fighters and police were called to Shorrocks Hill this morning following reports of a fire at stables.

Ths blaze happened at around 5.40am in a wooded area of Shorrocks Hill Country Club, on Lifeboat Road.....continues (See the link below)



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Latest Wildlife Notes from Formby Civic Society

Formby Civic Society Wildlife Notes

I'm not sure how well known it is that Formby Civic Society regularly publishes a monthly report on local wildlife. I've published a short extract below from the July edition.

To read the full set of notes select the link below.

Apart from a one-day heatwave on 19th when temperatures reached an oppressive 32oC, the month’s weather was unexceptional.

Rainfall seems to have been about average but it was often cooler than expected in the first two and the last weeks.

Predictably, the Devil’s Hole slack gradually dried up, though there was still a little surface water in the deepest parts (see below). This allowed the remaining Natterjack tadpoles to emerge as toadlets, members of my guided walk on 23rd being thrilled to see these yellow-striped miniature toads running about. There are, of course, other amphibians in the dunes and I bumped into a huge, unusually marked, Common Frog at Birkdale.

Great excitement came in July with the confirmation of two new butterflies for the coast. Earlier reports of Ringlets in Ainsdale National Nature Reserve proved well-founded and I managed to net two briefly on 13th.

There were several more sightings in sheltered woodland firebreaks. This species has been spreading north for many years but, although it has already colonised large parts of Scotland, it strangely missed out much of North Merseyside and Lancashire. Evidently the gap is now being filled

More unexpected was an Essex Skipper caught by Richard Walker in the Ainsdale reserve. Although it is also on the move northwards, this tiny butterfly’s nearest known locality is over 30 miles to the south-east. With friends, I looked for more but this species is hard to separate from the very numerous Small Skippers and we failed to find any of the newcomers.

Compensation was provided by a good hatch of the rare Forester moth, Trevor Davenport and I counting 13 at Pinfold Meadow. Apart from the Small Skipper, most butterflies seemed to be down in numbers, perhaps due to the cool weather, though the ubiquitous Gatekeeper increased markedly towards the end of the month and I even spotted a Painted Lady on the last day. In contrast, red-and-black Six-spot Burnet moths appeared widely in abundance, often nectaring on Ragwort......continues

NT Formby warning of long traffic queues

Hot day ahead, NTFormby warns of long queues.


Fly Tipping Notice

Fly tipping information from Sefton Council.

RubbishIt's a sad and expensive commentary on anti-social behaviour by some of our so-called citizens. I can never understand how often we take our environment for granted.

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