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Planners meeting

Yesterday was a most fruitful meeting, held at the Formby swimming pool, I think we managed to accomplish quite a lot. I am grateful to Steve and Ingrid from Sefton MBC's planning department for their time and enthusiasm.
It also proved a wonderful opportunity for them to meet Mark Ashcroft, Chief Executive of the Swimming Pool, who gave them an insight into the ideas that lay behind the campaign for and eventual construction of the pool and future visions for the future.

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Meeting the planners

Tomorrow I'm meeting with two planning officers from Sefton MBC, the meeting will be in the afternoon, over a cup of coffee at Formby swimming pool. Sefton MBC are preparing the new Local Development Framework(LDF) which will govern developments across Sefton in the future including Formby. As part of  their  'Neighbourhood Management Plans' they are drawing up documents for each of the areas in Sefton.
The meeting tomorrow will be about co-ordinating their work with the development of Formby's Local Community Plan. I hope that we can share insights and resources to meet the variety of objectives on the table. Launched

Today I visited the Formby Times office in the village to talk about the Formby Community Plan wiki site. This has already been featured in the Formby Times and arising from that coverage the site received a lot of hits.
The web site has changed quite a lot and new sections have been added, perhaps the most important is the 'swot' analysis section. This mirrors an exercise being conducted by planners in Sefton MBC as they prepare the new Local Development Framework (LDF) which will supercede the Unitary Development Plan (UDP).
These are important local documents because they are the basis for all the local planning decisions, these are frequently controversial when they impact on local residents. These plans are also supposed to be reflections of the Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS).