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A series of meetings

Today I've found time to catch up and list my activities of last week.

Tuesday evening (10th June) was the normal monthly finance sub-committee meeting, we reviewed the expenditure made so far against the budget plan, and agreed that there was scope for bringing forward more of the 'village centre' programme, more details at the next Parish Council meeting.

On Wednesday (11th June) as a guest of the Formby Swimming Pool Trust I attended the Sefton Sports Council awards evening held in the newly refurbished Floral Hall. This was a grand and very well attended evening, Sefton as an area can be proud of it's sports men and women. Congratulations to Range High on it's award, they follow on in the winning tradition of Formby High.

Finally on the Friday afternoon (13th June) I was one of a number of guests to attend the 'Formby Summit'. Young people representing the school councils of each Formby schools gathered at Shorrocks Hill to work on the question of 'the future of Formby'. There is more detail about this event at suffice to say, the young people were very impressive and have much to contribute to the development of the Formby Community Plan.

A Busy Week

This week has been busy, Tuesday evening was the usual monthly meeting of the Parish Council and I reported on the various meetings I had attended with regard to the Community Plan. I explained the changes this had brought about to the process and how these are now reflected in the 'wiki' web site.
Later in the week I met several people in the swimming pool cafe, most notably, Tom from the Formby Times, who is preparing a story about the history of local government in Formby.
I also met a former Sefton MBC cycle officer and her small flock of cyclists, they were taking a break before continuing on to Crosby. She now works for the CTC as a 'cycle champion' and I suggested we meet again to explore how we can increase and improve cycling in and around Formby, more anon.
Finally later today I'm off the the local 'archives' to read more of the old Council minute books.

Formby Times

I'm grateful to the Formby Times for the story in last weeks edition, but more excitingly the Formby Community Plan web site was visited today at by their reporter Kate Dilworth, who following our meeting last week, has tried her hand at making a contribution to the web site.

In her own words, 'This is Kate Dilworth at the Formby Times, certifying that it is actually very easy to add content to the site - just click on 'edit this page' and off you go!'.
Thanks Kate I hope you are the first of many local residents who add content to the web pages.

Incidentally, as an aside, I've just received a copy of an academic study, 'Parish and Belonging: Community, Identity and Welfare in England and Wales 1700-1950', the author K.D.M.Snell quotes Adrian Bell who once wrote that 'To swan around the globe means nothing..... to burrow into one place is what gives it meaning to you, and ultimately you to yourself'.

Please use the Parish Plan web site and learn something about where you live and help to protect our town and help to make changes that enhance our town and ourselves.

June Parish Council Meeting

This evening the Formby Parish Council will meet for it's normal monthly meeting. The Community Plan is a standing item on the agenda and I will give a report on the last month's activity and development of the web site. I will also set out the activities and meetings I expect to hold in the following four weeks.
Later this week I anticipate a feature story in the Formby Times on the web site, I hope this gives rise to an increased use and more additions to the content.