Questions for Sefton

Southportshow2008 I visited Southport  Flower show last weekend with a view to finding out more about allotments. I was not disappointed there was a great example on display and I could not resist taking a photograph. The allotment garden was the product of the Wirral Federation of Allotments and I was given a great web address to visit -
The section on access to allotments is a real goldmine to enthusiasts seeking to promote the development of allotments. I also met with and sought advice from a local representative of the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners.
Acting on their advice I have submitted a long list of questions to the Chief Executive of Sefton MBC seeking clarification on a wide range of questions. I am hoping that before I resort to submitting a petition which will simply be 'put on the back boiler', the usual response, I can encourage Sefton to respond with answers that will help to set out a compelling argument for more provision. I also spoke to Lord Ronnie Fearn, who is the Sefton cabinet member for leisure services, who advised I needed a 'compelling' case if there was to be any change. I hope the answers to my questions will help make the case.