Formby Parish Council Precept

I understand that last night Sefton MBC agreed the budget for next year. It will mean an increase of '62p extra per week for the council’s services'. In the budget process every year the 10 Parish Councils in Sefton also raise money for their services by means of a 'Precept'. This is added to the Council Tax figure as set by Sefton. Other statutory bodies also raise a Precept, for example the Police and Fire Authorities.

I thought you might like to see all the Parish Council Precepts and the impact they have on your pocket. This chart use a Band 'D' property for illustrative purposes, some properties will pay less and some will pay more.


There are several items that are worth a comment, firstly the Precept always reflects the size of the Parish Council, small Councils have small budgets but the precept pro rata tends to be more per household. Compare Little Altcar and Formby for instance. Secondly compare Formby and Maghull, most of us will be familiar with the Maghull Town Hall, but the Council manages a ranges of services locally that Formby does not, hence the size of the budget.

Interestingly an equivalent precept in Formby would cost much less per household and yet produce a figure that could provide the same level of services enjoyed in Maghull. Some critics complain that this leads to 'double taxation' ie. that you pay twice for the same service, in these circumstances the District Council is supposed to 'return the revenue'.

If I succeed and Formby Parish Council adopts a 'Participatory Budgeting' approach next year, we can examine all of the issues raised in this item.