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Formby, Peak Oil and the question

How will Peak Oil affect us?

I found these figures on the Office of National Statistics web site for Formby:

  • Percentage of people who travel to work by car - 65%
  • Percentage of people who travel to work by train - 9%
  • Percentage of people who travel to work by bus - 2%
  • Average distance travelled to a fixed place of work - 19 miles

There are other figures for cycling, motor cycles, scooters and walking but I just wanted to highlight those above.

You may find this short film raises the question above in a starker way:

Formby Partnership meeting

In just under an hour I will be attending a meeting of the Formby Partnership at the Gallery. This is the second meeting of this body which grew out an original group of concerned traders in the village. Today we will be looking in detail at the 'objectives' for this partnership. More anon.


My apologies for the lack of postings over the last two weeks or so. I'm afraid a bout of winter vomiting illness, an injury to my left knee and a short break have all combined to lead to the interruption of my normal activities.
More shortly after the bank holiday.