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My blog is now a featured link on a new website called 'Talk About Local'. They write:

A good, modern voice on the web can help communities communicate better, become more active and empowered.  Community websites and forums make it easier for people to become involved in changing their area.  The web can lower the barriers to finding basic information and make it easier to have your voice heard.

In my view and others, blogs that serve the local community are a rapidly gathering phenomena and are collectively known as 'hyperblogging' sites. I find it heartening that in an age of 'globalisation' virtual tools such as these may be a major way in which our sense of 'local' is sustained and even developed. I will be demonstrating a variety of these tools such as, Blogger, Twitter and Facebook to the next breakfast meeting of the Formby Business Community at Range High School on the 17th June.

Talk About Local is a project to give people in their communities a powerful online voice.  We want to help people communicate and campaign more effectively to influence events in the places in which they live, work or play.

More on the this topic as and when the project really gets underway, their site only went live this morning!

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