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No meetings in August

During the month of August there will be no meetings of the Parish Council. It is the normal routine for meetings to be suspended during the month simply to allow members to take holidays and also to reflect the fact that many residents are also on holiday.

This not to say that members aren't carrying out their normal duties when they are in Formby. If I come across any issue or any member of the public approaches me, I'll be happy to follow it up, in the WebSitemeantime I recommend the FormbyLive music festival next weekend. This is an outcome of the work of the Formby Village Partnership.

The full details of the two day event can be seen on Incidentally the web site is a companion site to this blog and membership is open to any resident of Formby, members can start blogs of their own and discussions or groups to match their interests.

Formby and Swine Flu

I have just added a new discussion forum to the '' web site to enable Formby residents to ask questions, seek advice or give advice on the question of Swine Flu. I've added this in the expectation that eventually Formby residents will be afflicted by the spread of the virus and will be seeking help and advice. There are links to useful sources of information on the discussion forum.

In the meantime NHS Direct would be my first port of call.

Formby Music Festival

I attended a meeting of the Formby Music Festival organisers today. The group is a sub-set of the wider Formby Village Partnership and has undertaken the music festival project as a result of suggestions from some of the village traders. The Festival is to be held on the weekend of 1st and 2nd of August, 2009. The village bars and restaurants are each providing their own musical events on Saturday, then opening on Sunday morning for breakfast and later in the day there will be a series of performances by a variety of acts on the natural amphitheatre on the Swimming Pool land.

This video is a short extract from the meeting, chaired by Gill Fell, the group, which includes representatives from Sefton MBC and the swimming Pool Trust are seen discussing the need for 'barriers' at the stage. I'm responsible for the video.

Digital Formby (3)

TheFreshy Another short but interesting story about 'Digital Formby'. I moved to Formby in 1972 and during that time I have watched a variety of Pubs wax and wane, some of them have had many 'makeovers' but my local seems to have resisted that trend. It has changed and in particular when the 'snug' was knocked through into the lounge. Nonetheless it retains that original feeling a 'proper' local should. So where's the digital bit?

Well if you have a Facebook account, you'll find it there and it has a following of 150+. It describes itself as follows:

Best real ale pub in Formby
Real Food, Real Ale, Real Fire, Real Atmosphere, Real Pub

And the 'Facebook' entry goes on:

Guitar Club so popular now have to do it twice a month.
It's free bring your guitar and get up.
1st and 3rd Tuesday every month.
Comedy Club. £10 a ticket. 1st wednesday of the month
Jazz Club. £3.50 a ticket. Last Friday of the month
We now have free WiFi connection any where in the pub, come and try it out
Function room available to hire for private functions or band nights, ask for more details at the bar.
Children welcome until 3pm if dinning with an adult. call in and see our new kids menu.

So there we have it, another good old fashioned local, but one that has tuned into the Digital world and reaches out to it's customers, I love it when the next guest real ale is announced by an email from their Facebook account. As you can also see from above, they provide their customers with a free internet link, when they're there with a pint glass in their hand.

PS. That's my bike against the wall!

Following up the last posting

I've spent a little time looking more closely at the Sefton MBC core strategy 'Formby workshop findings'.

I'm disturbed to note that the first reported comment/issue on page one is:

Formby Business Park could be expanded to the north and south and have it's appearance improved.

I agree with the last sentiment but in my group we resisted the idea of further encroachment on the land. The prevailing view was that the land could and should be used as allotments or even smallholdings, given the huge demand for local, self or community sourced and grown food. I met Dr Reg Yorke of the Civic Society yesterday, purely by chance, and his group also held the same view. We were all concerned to preserve the 180 degree horizon outlook and prevent the sense of Formby becoming enclosed by developments but nonetheless enhancing the use of the land east of the A565. I intend to follow up this concern and check with other attendees of the meeting to confirm the view expressed above, in my book 2 out of 4 groups means 50% of the residents held the same view.

This is important, we must make our views clear and communicate them to Sefton MBC. These views should be recorded accurately otherwise Formby will be changed by forces beyond our control or influence.

Go to the discussion forum at '' (the direct link is here)and join in the debate