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How many Parish Councils are there..?

I was at a meeting of the Formby Partnership last week to review the outcome of the successful 'Formby Live' music festival, when someone said 'I can't remember whether it was the Formby Parish Council or Little Altcar Parish Council'. It became clear that some residents of Formby don't really understand that within the geographical town we call Formby, there are two Parish Councils.

Both Formby and Altcar Councils were formed in 1894. In 1974 the Formby Urban District Council, formerly the Formby Parish Council, dissolved itself when Sefton MBC came into being. Altcar Parish Council was divided into two, becoming Little Altcar and now enclosed within the Sefton boundaries while the other half remained in Lancashire and was renamed Great Altcar.

A look at the map illustrates the reason for the confusion.

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The Little Altcar Parish Council boundary follows the coastal side of Liverpool Road to the junction of Ravenmeols, then it follows the line of Bills Lane footpath, enclosing Ashcroft, Kent and Marina Roads, Altcar Lane and Hoggs Hill Lane. The boundary then makes it's way to the sea and stops just on the northern edge of Hightown, the Rifle Range, the Hoggs Hill Allotment and the Power House are all in Little Altcar. The confusion is caused by the fact that to the eastern side of Liverpool Road, the Formby Parish Council boundary encloses Alt Road, Monks Drive and Saxon Hook and then follows the edge of the field towards the Tesco junction before crossing the A565 and enclosing the whole of the shopping and industrial complex. If you look carefully when you drive north on the bypass you'll notice the small signs marking out the two boundaries. Confusing isn't it?


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