Formby 2020 Vision

Tomorrow I will be attending the next meeting of the Formby Parish Council, we recommence our normal monthly meeting cycle after a break during August.

I will be submitting details of a Draft plan for the Community of Formby, essentially the 'Formby Parish Plan', which many local Parishes and communities have also drawn up as guides to the future of their local communities.

I thought it might be interesting to publish the 'vision' statement section.

Vision Formby 2020

Formby will be a popular, pleasant and prosperous Town, adapting to climate change with a successful and sustainable local economy, culturally rich and a lively sense of an active resilient community. It will have retained its high quality environment but it will have adapted to be able to provide for an increasing number of visitors using Formby as a 'Gateway' to the coast or visiting Formby for leisure, shopping, cultural and sporting activity. It will be a diverse population hallmarked by the full ranges of ages and life-stages and different cultural heritages.

A local, prosperous and sustainable economy:

    * Full employment
    * Increasing local employment opportunities particularly in the 'Knowledge and New Media industries'
    * Thriving local businesses
    * Development of opportunities arising from visitors and the promotion of 'Formby as a destination town'

The Environment:

    * The maintenance and protection of our natural environment whilst adapting to and mitigating the impact of Climate Change.
    * To maintain, enhance and preserve our existing open space.
    * To improve access to the neighbouring countryside for cyclists and walkers.
    * To encourage local food production.

A Safe, Strong Community with a clear sense of Well Being:

    * An active community physically, intellectually and socially, caring for and aware of all in our community.
    * Effective local services and facilities.
    * A culturally rich and diverse community reflecting all ages, heritages and traditions.

Culturally Rich:

    * Wide participation in local arts, sports, civic activities and local traditions.
    * A strong sense of Civic Pride and engagement celebrating what Formby offers.

A Low Carbon and Energy community:

    * A local community marked by a strong sense of self-reliance, low energy use, local energy production and a continuing commitment to become a 'low carbon community'.

Any comments? Is there anything missing? What would you like to see removed or rewritten?