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A Budget for the Future

For family reasons I will not be able to attend the usual monthly meeting of the Formby Parish Council finance committee. The Chair of this committee mentioned at last weeks full Council meeting his intention of raising the question of next years budget at tomorrows meeting. This process eventually results in an agreement to set the annual precept in the January cycle of meetings.

As I mentioned last February, I'd like to introduce 'Participatory Budgeting'. According to the organisation promoting this approach they:

...believe broader participation in budget setting is essential for effective, democratic and relevant local governance.. .......Participatory Budgeting establishes a process in which the effects of peoples involvement are directly seen in either policy change or spending priorities. It is not just a consultation exercise, but an embodiment of direct, deliberative democracy.

I support the idea of 'direct, deliberative democracy'. What would your budget priorities be if asked?


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