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Digital Formby Continued.....

Two short stories, firstly the Formby 'networking' site (www.formbyfirst.info), the companion web site to this blog, has recently recruited more members. One of them, Tonyb, has added a series of photographs of Formby's 'Lost houses and shops'. Have a look, it's very interesting, the passage of time and the changes that occur are visually striking, identifying some of the sites is a challenging riddle too. How is this relevant to 'Digital Formby'?, well recently a Parish Council member accused me of 'technobabble', the spurt in the growth of the network suggests there is an increasing interest in things 'digital'.

And the second mention, a short note of thanks to HB Computers, our own local computer dealer. When I crashed my PC two weeks ago, they very quickly sorted out the problem and retrieved my files, very cheaply and I for one will go back when I buy a new computer, they are really good value for money, compared with the computer 'chain stores'.


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