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Sefton Housing Consultation

SeftonSHLAA1 At last nights Parish Council meeting, members were informed about Sefton MBC's housing consultation for Formby. I urge residents to look up the 94 proposals for Formby on the Sefton MBC web site. Each potential site is assessed against a variety of criteria and is then either recommended for inclusion on a list of potential housing sites or ruled out.

There are quite a number of potential sites located in the current green belt, but they could be added if the pending Green Belt Review leads to changes in the boundaries.

The screen shot is taken from the Sefton web site and illustrates what part of each entry looks like, in this case the corner of Green Lane and The Cricket Path. If you know the site you'll be aware that it is a field of potatoes, which the owner has regularly sown, grown and harvested for years, one of those quaint oddities, but highly valued by local residents in that part of Freshfield.

Please use your rights to make your views known. The consultation recently held by Sefton MBC on the question of an elected Mayor only received 19 responses from the whole of Sefton! These proposals will affect the use of valuable and in some cases very attractive open green spaces here in Formby.  The closing date is 1st October 2009.


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