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Last posting before Christmas

First things first, I'd like to wish all the residents of Formby a Holy, Happy and Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

I'm involved with the last minute preparation of the Climate Change Bid Application, which I have written about elsewhere. This last phase has involved a lot of meetings and since my last entry I have met some very enthusiastic local teachers and residents who are supporting the bid.

This morning I heard that Transition Town Totnes was among the 'first movers' bid group to be chosen. Totnes has led the Transition Town movement, which is currently spreading across the world like wildfire. If you want to know more about them then visit their web site.

If you are interested in taking their ideas forward here in Formby, then join the '' group.

More next year, all the best wishes.

Climate Change - What is your Carbon Footprint?

In the last fortnight I have spent a lot of my time, along with other colleagues, in researching and preparing an application for a Climate Change Challenge Bid Fund for a project here in Formby. One of the many agencies who provide support and advice is the Energy Savings Trust, they have a short video on their web site which explains how they work.

There is a reference to the Carbon Footprint tool on their web site. I've started a Formby Community Carbon Footprint web site . The home page for this site is here. Log on and add your details and get your own individual Carbon Footprint. Once more than 50 residents have joined, the tool will provide a realistic calculation for the whole of Formby.

Activity Report

Since my last posting I have been quite busy, particularly in regard to the preparation of the Climate Change Challenge Bid, to remind readers, Formby Parish Council has agreed to make a bid for Climate Change Challenge funds from the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC).

Formby Parish Council has agreed to make a bid for Climate Change Challenge funds from the Department of Energy and Climate Change

I have attended the following meetings:

  • A Parish Council workshop for the members on the topic of the 'Parish Plan' which includes Climate Change as an issue that needs to be addressed.(Monday 23 November)
  • Formby Business Breakfast Forum where the members enthusiastically endorsed the Climate Change Challenge Bid plans.(Tuesday 24 November(
  • A day conference held by the Energy Savings Trust at the Adelphi Hotel, this was particularly relevant to the Bid.(Wednesday 25 November)
  • Climate Change Challenge Bid team at the swimming pool.(Friday 27 November)
  • Formby Village Partnership at the Cafe D'Art, and which was focussed on the plans for next years Music Festival, but might be themed around Climate Change if the bid is successful.(Monday 30 November)
  • Tonight I will be attending the normal monthly meeting of the Parish Council.
  • Tomorrow I will be attending a workshop in Preston in which the focus will be on the preparation and completion of the Bid documents.