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Catching Up

I've been so busy recently I'm afraid I've rather neglected this blog, here below is a list of some of the meetings I've attended.

  • On 13th May I chaired the meeting of the Formby Business Partnership, this was held at the
    Cafe Des Crepes 
  • On Wednesday 19th  May I attended the Formby Business Breakfast Forum, held as usual at Range High School.
  • On Thursday 20th May I met with the new Chair of Formby Parish Council, Cllr Mike Coles and Mo Kundi of Sefton MBC, we have agreed to consider making another new application for external funding to do with a project in relation to Climate Change 
  • On Saturday I attended an exciting and useful event in Chipping Village Hall in Lancashire on the topic of Community Engagement.
  • Finally yesterday, 27th May, I attended a meeting to review the work of ChangeUp Merseyside. ChangeUp is a UK government initiative aimed at improving the capacity of the voluntary and community sector to deliver public services by 2014.
One of the activities that has occupied my time is the development of a new web site( to celebrate and support local life in Formby. It is still very much in 'beta' form, but I'd welcome your views and/or better still offers to be involved in running the site, please contact me for more details.

Formby Parish AGM

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Tonight it is the Annual General Meeting of the Parish, followed by the normal meeting of the Parish Council. Little Altcar Parish Council are also holding their meetings at the same time and will occupy the Formby Parish Council Offices, while we meet in the Formby Library meeting room.

The parish council must, in every year, hold an annual meeting (Local Government Act. 1972, Sch. 12, para. 7(1) and 23(1))

So tonight the Parish Council and members of the public in attendance will receive an annual report from the Chair of the Council along with details about membership of Committees and so forth. There is always a legal entitlement for any resident to question the Council on the report or to ask the Council to consider new issues not on the agenda.

After the AGM the Council will hold it's normal meeting. There is a lot of business on the agenda including the appointment of Council Officers for the forthcoming municipal year.I look forward with some interest to see who will be nominated and selected as the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Council. The present incumbent has also just been elected as a member of Sefton MBC, I for one, believe that this should lead to a change to avoid confusing and blurring the differences between the two types of authority.

The Council will also hear an update on the progress of the 'Parish Plan' from Councillor Mike Coles. As the country waits for the outcome of talks between national political parties following the General Election, this item will be a litmus test on the state of local democracy here in Formby. It is absolutely crucial that the draft plan is the subject of wide public consultation and amendment where called for by the residents of Formby. This is one of those key moments where the principles of democracy should be the Parish Council's guide.

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