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A Rare and Unexpected Visitor

VillageTrees This morning I was in the village about 8.30 when much to my suprise and also Kevin of the Formby Deli we spotted a red squirrel scampering along the footpath from in front of the HSBC Bank towards the village centre.

As it crossed the road and back again to find refuge it eventually retreated to this magnificent tree in front of the opticians. When I left it was comfortably settled in the top of the tree. 

I have no doubt it will still be there later today because this particular tree is sufficiently far away from the others to stop the squirrel  from moving on and as the village becomes busier the squirrel will be discouraged from coming down.

There is something quite magical about Formby when our rare native squirrel appears in the town away from it's usual habitat in the coastal woods.


Great. I would love to have a squirrel too. It's just that no squirrel is coming onto our are. The tree looks nice, maybe the squirrel liked it so much!

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