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Bowling at Tin Tabs

Hat Parade at Tin Tabs

Crown green bowls is one of the oldest forms of bowls in this country. Players bowl a 'biased jack' across a green that has a raised centre.


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At an away game last night players from Formby Park decided to wear a variety of hats in honour of their player, Ray Hampson shown here on the left with his colleague Eric. Tin Tab players, the home team in this case were slightly bemused at this but knowing Ray and his propensity for hats, he also plays for Tin Tabs in other leagues, joined in the spirit of the occasion.

Crown green bowls is played in the North West of England and in some parts of the Midlands. Players use the jack to either bowl a 'straight' peg across the crown or 'round' peg, the jack either resists the effect of the slope of the ground or uses it to produce curved 'marks' or paths along which each bowler in turn attempts to get closest to the jack. Players do not bowl up and down an 'alley' but can use any direction or 'length' they choose.

Difficult decisons as to who is the nearest are made by 'pegging' the woods, here Don and an opponent John measure the woods.

Oh, why Tin Tabs? Well the bowling club, formed in 1894 two years before Parish Councils, made use of a redundant Tin Tabernacle Church that was and still is used as the club house.


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