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Formby Pool Book Exchange Club

I've just received this from Heather Davies, who runs the Formby Pool Book Exchange club.

The Formby Pool Book Exchange Club last met on Friday 27th November 2010.
The first part of the club gave its members a chance to exchange a book they had already read for a different one from the 'bank' that we keep for the club.  Following on from this we had the buffet, which also gave everyone a chance to have a chat and catch up with whats been happening.  A small raffle followed, thanks to two of the members donating prizes.
Those of us who had read ROOM by Emma Donoghue, sat for a short spell discussing the book.  All agreeing that we had thoroughly enjoyed the book, and found it well worth reading.
It was suggested that the next meeting would be on the 17th December, but as most of the members felt they would be busy with the Christmas being just around the corner, it was agreed that the next meeting would be on Friday 28th January 2011. (Details available next year)

Heather finishes her message with Seasonal greetings for the members.

So, can I take the opportunity to wish all our members a very happy Christmas, and all the best for 2011.

I'm sure Heather would be delighted if other local residents wanted to become involved.


Formby Christmas Lights: In Just Over 24 Hours

XmasLights Formby village will be packed on Thursday evening for the annual ceremonial switch-on of the Christmas lights. This is the tenth year of this celebration, each year local sponsors have supported this very popular event. The quality and scale of the lights have developed over the years.

There will be a number of warm up acts before the lights are switched on and include:

  • A local school childrens' choir
  • An excerpt from 'Her Benny'
  • The Rose Queen procession
  • And an appearance of Father Christmas in his Carol wagon supplied by Formby Rotary.

Many of the local traders will be open and offering food - no doubt Broughs the Butcher's BBQ will be it's usual smash hit.


Future of Formby Green Belt Threatened

Sefton's Formby Area Committee met last Thursday (18th November) and received a report on the future of Formby's Green Belt. In it, our local District Councillors were told:

There were areas on the edge of most towns and some villages where development could take place without adversely affecting the overall extent of the Sefton Green Belt.
(Para 3.1).......

As there are different issues and priorities in each part of Sefton, we are likely to propose different solutions in each area. This means that we may need to release land in Southport & Formby to provide affordable housing sooner than in other areas.
(Para 3.6)

The report goes on:

The Green Belt Study has indicated that there may be some scope to the north and south of Formby. (Para 4.2)

According to the report based on it's existing population, Formby would need to find space for a further 840 extra homes. Our local District Councillors were asked,  'Are there any particular groups that you think we should invite'  to a consultative workshop early next year. Not the most democratic way to approach this issue.

Do you want to be part of the consultative process? In my view the issue is too important to confine it to a few small specially selected groups, I would like to see a meeting for any Formby residents who want to hear about the proposals directly and make their views known. What do you think? Please write to me or add a comment below.