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Parking in the Village

Councillor Mike Coles, Chair of Formby Parish Council has issued a press release regarding parking in Formby Village:

"Readers will remember the complaints made by members of the public after the accident last summer when a post box, a tree and a road sign were flattened by a vehicle reversing from the opposite pavement when the driver lost control. It was fortunate that no one was injured .

Only the HSBC bank has permission to allow three customers to park on their frontage and after discussions with Ward and Parish Councillors arrangements have had to be made to confine its use to emergencies only. At all other times the area will be cordoned off.

The action to intervene was made after a number of complaints from pedestrians who felt threatened by drivers who crossed over the pavement with no consideration for members of the public .There were a number of near misses involving children and older people who have escaped from being hit by cars and vans. Other residents have expressed dismay at the scant regard that certain drivers have for the safety of pedestrians.

The problem is made worse by the fact that the junction of Chapel Lane with Elbow Lane is directly opposite and there is also a busy bus stop.

Councillors Barry Griffiths, Denise Dutton and Parish Councillor Mike Coles took up the matter by asking the HSBC to take public safety seriously. As a result the bank has agreed to put up safety bollards which will be installed in the next few weeks. The Parish Council has contributed to the project to extend the bollards along the pavement in front of the old M&S store. Mike Coles said that the safety of pedestrians, residents or visitors, young and old, was more important than anything else in the village’. The Council will review the matter on a regular basis.

The initiative was welcomed by the Inspector Jim Atherton of Merseyside Police who added that ‘such an action would make things a good deal safer for all’.


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