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Update On Recent Activities

I have recently attended a number of meetings:

  • Monday 31st January I attended the Formby Live Music festival group meeting, arrangements for this years festival have begun.
  • Tuesday 1st February, I attended, the 'Common Endeavour' conference, by invitation. This conference was hosted at Liverpool Hope University and was organised by the Caritas Action Social Network (CASN). The conference was to consider the nature of voluntary service within the context of the 'Big Society'.
  • Tuesday 1st February, I attended the normal monthly meeting of Formby Parish Council in Formby Library. I was pleased to receive a letter from a local resident setting out some suggestions for the Formby Parish Plan. I handed it to the the Parish Clerk for later consideration by the Council.
  • Thursday 3rd February, I attended a short consultation meeting with Sefton MBC officers about the future of the Formby Village Business Partnership. This will be subject to change in the next few weeks, after discussions by Sefton MBC members.



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