Parish Council Precepts

Around about now the annual notice of Council Tax charges is dropping into letterboxes. I am constantly amazed by the number of people who have no knowledge of Parish Council Precepts.

This time of the year, as they do each year, local Parish Councils precept details are published. The precept is a sum of money decided upon by the members of Parish and Town Councils. This sum of money is added to the local District Council Tax bill. Residents in parished areas pay both their normal Council Tax and the Precept.

The precept pays for extra spending in parished areas specifically for the benefit of local residents. Precepts vary in amount and reflect local decisions in local communities. The details of the precepts raised this year in each of the 10 local Town or Parish Councils, here in Sefton are shown below.

ParishPrecept Source: Sefton MBC Council Tax Notice 2011/2012

This year Formby Parish Council added an extra £3000 to the precept, last year it was £40,000, this year it will be £43,000. This is to try to take account of cuts in grants by Sefton to local events and organisations here in Formby.

By way of illustration, Band D properties will pay an additional £4.54 on top of the normal Council Tax sum which is £1482.22 this year. The actual sum will vary according to the 'Property Band' that applies to each individual property.