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Another Dan Snow video on AV

This time Dan Snow takes a 'historical look' at our electoral system. The number of times we've produced 'hung parliaments' is interesting as is how often we changed and improved the system.

For me the bottom line is that the system ought to be about representing individual voters choices and not those of the 'Parties'. Anyway here's Dan Snow's take...


AV or Not to AV that is the question

For those of you who are asking the question above there is a web site that now demonstrates the effect AV voting reform would have on our elections.


They write:

The Voter Power Index AV referendum edition

In the run up to the 2010 general election, this website demonstrated that the vast majority of UK voters have little or no power to influence elections.

Now we have an opportunity to vote in the referendum to change the voting system from 'first past the post' to the 'alternative vote'.

How would AV affect the Voter Power Index? Using statistics from the New Economics Foundation (nef), we can demonstrate the increase in voter power that AV would bring.

Just type in your postcode and the web site will show you how the system would change if AV was adopted.

Formby Parish Council April Meeting

image from I will be attending a full meeting of the Parish Council tonight. The meeting begins at 7.00pm and will be at the usual venue, Formby Library.

Members of the public are always welcome and there is an official point early in the agenda, for questions or proposals, please exercise your right to participate in the life of your local community.

This will be my last meeting as a Parish Councillor I am retiring in May. I have enjoyed my work as one of your local Councillors. Now is the time to step down to let younger, independent thinking people make their civic contribution to Formby.