Formby Village

VillageSign1 ‘I’m going to the village’ is a phrase that trips off the tongue of most if not all Formby residents. Sefton MBC road signs point the visitor towards the ‘village’. Yet Formby is a considerable coastal dormitory town with at least 9500 dwellings and a population to match.

Why then do we persist in calling the centre of our town a village?

Recently I was standing in Chapel Lane waiting for my wife when I noticed the ‘village’ sign attached to the upper wall of the Roy Castle charity shop. Here for the first time I found some evidence of why we all persist in this practice.



Next time you visit the shops in Chapel Lane, look out for the sign. Meanwhile if anyone has more to explain this tradition, let me know.

Here's a better picture of the sign, I wonder how long it's been there, who put it on the wall and why so high?

Click on each image for a closer view.