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A Short Round up

In this article there are short updates on the Formby Live Music Festival, The Fragments Photographic Quiz and The Edible Garden Project.


By all accounts the Formby Live Music Festival went very well. I'm afraid I only managed to drive past at 6.45 on Sunday evening. I spent the weekend attending a Transition Towns Network Conference. The swimming pool green appeared to be full of happy revellers. Since then I've heard some very good reports about the event. Congratulations are due to Pat Wordley of Woodwards and all the others involved.

The original idea for the festival came about in a meeting of the now defunct Formby Village Business Partnership. It was always intended to draw locals and visitors alike into the village centre, I'm told that the village was very busy, sounds like a success.

Incidentally for a brief snapshot and to get a sense of how the main event went, there is a short YouTube video, which a local resident has published here.

image from In an earlier post I featured a photograph of a 'fragment of Formby', for those of you still puzzling over the location, it's one of the windows in St. Peter's Church in Freshfield.

Here's another 'fragment' a typical wooden gutter and drain pipe that feature on many of Formby's remaining thatched buildings.

Any idea where this is? Let me know by adding a comment below.

image from

Finally I began an 'Edible Garden Project' on a personal basis some time ago. Following the Transition Town Conference last weekend I've taken the idea forward a little more. If you are interested in the idea and want to be involved have a look at some draft proposals here.

Sefton Twitters

I'm delighted to see that Sefton MBC have opened a 'Twitter' account. Many local authorities including Walsall and Greater Manchester Police have also done the same.

Walsall MBC has famously 'Twittered' for 24 hours about all their activities and contacts with the public.

It was a highly admired example of a local Council using New Media to give an account of it's work to the residents of Walsall. I look forward to a similar event locally - Go on Sefton, give it a try.

Formby Live Music Festival

The Formby Music Live Festival happens this weekend starting on 8th July and finishing on Sunday 10th July. Many of the local bars and cafes are being encouraged to take part.

The main event during the weekend will centre on the Village, however, we want as many Formby bars and other venues to be involved as possible, using the days and evenings prior, during and after the event to hold a wide variety of musical entertainment.
(Source: Formby Live Music Festival web site

The main stage event on Sunday at Formby Pool starts at 1pm and is hosted by The Merseycats Organisation

The Merseycats was founded in 1989 they will be seeking donations towards their children's charity funds. The details of Sundays event are listed below(Source Merseycats Organisation web site):

Sunday 10th July 2011
Formby Pool Elbow Lane, Formby, Liverpool, L37 4AB
1pm until 7-30pm

A variety of acts featuring local young people will begin the afternoon

Merseycats Bands will be appearing @

2-05pm - 3-10pm
Free Spirit
The Amazing Kappa

4-25pm - 5-30pm

6-40pm - 7-30pm
The Lackies
Merseycats Finale

All bands onstage for "Johnny B Goode"

Formby 'Village Green'

SwimmingPoolGreen Formby Swimming Pool Trust has been consulting residents and local organisations about improving its future use and development.

The pool occupies the old site of the Formby Football Club, before that it was part of a local farm.

Nowadays a large area of well landscaped green open space surrounds the award-winning building.

It's the equivalent of a village green:

The green is traditionally at a central location and provides an open-air meeting place for the people of a village, for example at times of celebration, or for public ceremonies. (Source: Wikipedia

The Formby Live Music Festival is an example. Formby residents and organisations are looking forward with expectation to the results of the consultation.