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Exercise in Landscape!

I've recently been very busy with other things and slothful so far as this blog is concerned. A combination of events have suddenly spurred me into action.

A visit from children and grandchildren led to a leisurely walk in a nearby area of rare dune heath land. It was a breathtaking experience to discover the wealth of nature so close to the doorstep. Freshfield Dune Heath is astounding.


Freshfield Dune Heath consists of 35 hectares of lowland dune heath, acidic grassland, woodland and scrub and is the largest are of lowland heath in Lancashire. Freshfield's 17 hectares of dune heath comprise 9% of the national total of this very rare habitat.
Red Squirrels are frequently sighted in the woodland and a small colony of Water Voles lives in the Wham Dyke and Stoats, Weasels and Foxes are all seen here......

Then a Tweet by ActiveSefton made me feel guilty for all the hours I was/am spending in front of my computer screen.

Finally the BBC added to my sense of guilt.

So before switching on my PC, I dusted off my Nordic Poles and took them for a walk through the Freshfield Dune Heath. Thirty five minutes later, a little warmer and a couple of conversations with other local walkers, I'm home to encourage others to heed the call to action and 'exercise in the landscape'.

Here's my route, it's 1.8mile long and very varied in terrain and views, enjoy.



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