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Another Contribution to the Future of Formby Discussion

A Lively Stream of Letters

There has been a lively stream of letters submitted to Formby First in the last 8 days. Using the comment form on the 'Your Letters' page, a string of local residents have submitted their suggestions for the future of Formby Village.

Grace was the first to write:
"I think that Formby would benefit from having more independent stores than chain stores such as Iceleand or New Look....."

William agreed with Grace:
"I agree with Grace on this one." And went on the add..."The survey of how many chain stores there are (e.g Waitrose, Iceland etc) was quite astonishing..... "

While Dylan was kind enough to remark on this web site:
"This website is so useful, it is amazing how you have set all of it out, this is great for people who live in formby....." 

I've only taken a very small exceprt from the whole discussion and I would like to thank all of you for your contributions. So in addition to those above there are some very useful and stimulating suggestions by Natasha, Anna, Morgan, Emma, Sean, Sophie and Sam... 

To read all the letters go to the 'Your Letters' at elsewhere on this blog. Add you own or challenges those that have already being submitted.

Once again, my thanks to all of those who have sent me their ideas.



Thank for your comment Sophie

I think Formby would benefit from occasional markets to encourage independent business and shops and to bring Formby together as a community.

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