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Looking at the Department of environment's flood warning site the southern part of the area is shown as a moderate flooding area with a 1 in 75 chance of flooding. I cannot see how in the current climate any property would ever be insured.

Secondly if as a result of the development there is an increase in flooding to existing homeowners will we get compensation. I asked the developer about who would be liable he told me it would be Sefton Council. Well I for one will be pressing for a reduction in my rates on grounds of loss of property value, conjestion, noise and a general loss of quality of life.

Further, more I would encourage people to read the HEADROOM report which was the Housing report produced for Sefton Council. The economic analysis is already out of date given the state of the economy the number of houses required is unlikely to be nowhere near the amount they want to build. Moreover,I quote "This scenario was modelled at the request of SMBC officers to examine the housing implications of a stable population over the plan period. Hence instead of the forecast decline in population resulting from natural change and net out-migration to 2027/32, the 2010 figure of 272,100 was held constantover the plan period." Clearly this is unlikely to come about in a period of continuous cuts. The economic analysis takes no accountof the effect on the local housing market or of the future costs to the rate payers of providing extra services or whether Sefton has the necessary resources to make this development work. I urge all councellors to look carefully at the future cost of this development given the current agenda of this government as it could wipe out any future budget

The report goes onto point out that development potential of Formby is severely restricted by:
Popular residential area but
limited scope for further infill, and
lack of large sites. House prices
are 25% higher than the Sefton
average, but incomes and
savings are also higher;
Good access to urban and rural
recreation opportunities.
Residents consider the quality of
provision to be good; and
An affluent area – the majority is
in the 20% least deprived SOAs
nationally; none in 20% most
deprived wards.
Lack of local employment provision,
apart from the nearby Formby
Industrial Estate, results in large
numbers of commuters to Bootle and
Liverpool, with lesser flows to
Southport, Ormskirk and Kirkby;
Lack of frequent bus service and local
facilities in rural area encourages use
of the car. c.50% of Formby is more
than 10 minutes walk from frequent
bus routes/rail station;
Average house prices in all areas have
doubled since 2000 and are above the
Sefton average. This is likely to lead to
a greater demand for affordable
housing in the area;
Areas along River Alt and its tributaries
are at risk of flooding;
Little affordable and suitable housing
which young people can afford,
leading to increasingly aged
Formby By-pass acts as a physical
barrier for pedestrian and cyclists to
cross; and
Limited room to grow – surrounded by
areas at risk of flooding and important
nature conservation sites.(see document)

In my mind this makes such a development uneconomic and sustainable.

If the new housing development is given the go ahead it will surely impact on the amount of cars needing to access parking spaces in the village. We are currently experiencing an increased problem of cars using the roads closest to the village on a daily basis ( e.g.Rosemary Lane , Halsall Lane ,Brows Lane) and this leads to double parking on a daily basis making difficulties for access for fire service, ambulance service, as well as creating major difficulties for wheel chairs to use the pavements when car owners park up on pavements, particularly on Rosemary Lane which is a very narrow road. I would question the wisdom of expanding Formby further when the existing infrastructure is already stretched.

Thanks Stuart,

A detailed and I'm sure a useful contribution to the discussion.


I have just returned from the "Consultation", there are a number of alarming issues which immediately spring to mind:

1. The Developer is proposing access to and from the estate via a new junction on Liverpool Road. It is highly unlikely this will be the sole access as they are proposing for many reasons. If you bought a house and wanted to go into the village would you seriously go via Liverpool Road? Be ready for accesses via River Close and direct of Alt Road in the vicinity of Fountains Way or Priory Close. No doubt the Council will do a deal with the Developers for traffic calming, improved play grounds and such like on Alt Road in exchange for Permitted Development once the application goes in! Anyone living near these locations must object strongly.

2. C. Fair is correct, this site is indeed part of the River Alt's flood plain. If development proceeds it is a certainty that any homes built on here will be flooded out during significant events. What we used to consider as 1 in 10 year or 1 in 20 year flood events are increasingly common, it is a certainty these homes will be flooded within only a few years. The Developer is using "Buzz words" such as S.U.D.S to impress us; if an area already floods and you half its permeable surface area it will flood more frequently. If you put more demand on existing local sewers they will back up and surcharge elsewhere more frequently. Simple facts sadly.

3. At face value it may only be a field, however from the perspectives of Ecology & Biodiversity this piece of land is valuable habitat for numerous species. Someone in objection and able to speak with authority on this matter is required for input!

4. The coalition Government did indeed relax planning regs for building on Green Belt land, but only in areas where there was a demonstrable and exception need for housing. Does Formby really have that need or is it simply cheap land which can be sold on for the highest price??

Thanks Andy,

I think the times for the consultation between 2pm and 7pm is a little tight for those who work outside the town. I know I'd have struggled if I was still working at Liverpool Hope.

I will say that when I go today. Perhaps they can be persuaded to make the information available on the Internet.

I hope I can get there Sean. I hope even more that they are planning to widen Liverpool Road from the roundabout into/out of Formby to 4 lanes. Otherwise we'll be trapped.

Thanks for the comment. The consultation is today. I urge you and anyone else who'd like to know more or let the Developers know you views to attend if you can.

I really don't understand this. My husband drives past this area twice a day and says he has seen it badly flooded. Why on earth would anyone want to build houses on what is a floodplain (especially considering the nearness of the river Alt and how that has to be constantly managed to stop flooding). Sefon has only recently said they can't afford to carry on pumping to stop flooding. I wouldn't want to live on land that floods and especially not so close to a tidal river. Formby does need more houses but this isn't the right spot.

Thanks for your comment, you are right this is an issue that deserves the widest possible debate before a decision is made. It's important to register your views with the Developers and also the local Planning Authority and members of the Councils concerned, Sefton MBC, Little Altcar Parish Council(it's within their boundary) and the adjoining Formby Parish Council.

I just received the glossy leaflet proposing a 'modest extension to Formby'. I really think everyone in Formby need to pull together to stop this from happening. Traffic is already bad in our town, imagine another thousand or so cars trying to get in and out of our 3 main roads. ...... Formby has a nice open and homely feel to it, do we really want a huge unsightly estate grafted on to our town.

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