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Some views of Flooded Formby

Here are a selection of photographs in the part of Formby where I live. They are views of the greenbelt land immediately to the North of Formby.

They were taken from Hawksworth Drive, where it flooded, on Sixteen Acre Lane itself and looking towards Paradise Lane from the bypass.

(Click on image to view a larger version) 


Hawksworth Lane

From the bypass

Looking towards the stables

Looking along Sixteen Acre Lane

Entrance to Sixteen Acre Lane

Looking towards Woodvale


Abandoned Bike adds to street clutter

Is anyone else annoyed by the sight of this abandoned cycle next to the notice boards?


Has the owner abandoned it? Did the lock fail compelling the owner to leave it there? Has someone else stolen the front wheel or did the owner take it away as a souvenir?

These are just some of the questions I find myself asking. But most of all I'm getting annoyed it's been left there, it's an obstruction and in my view a potential danger to pedestrians.

I know what it's like when your lock fails, it's happened to me. I tried the hardware shop for cutting tools but finally I asked Formby Firefighters to help and they cut it free. One thing for sure though, I'd never have left my bike like the one featured here.

Is there anyone who can shed any light on this incident, or knows what's happening? Let me know.


Two Days Continuous Rain!

It's still raining, it's Tuesday and it's 6.15pm as I publish this article. It started raining on Monday and hasn't stopped since. The photographs were  taken today at 3.45pm.

This view is from Lunts Lane footpath at the junction with the Formby Bypass. Its looking south towards Liverpool Road. Between the hedge and the field is a drainage ditch. The ditch water level is the same as the field surface, a small raised mound separates them. The field is also badly flooded.

This photograph shows the view towards the houses in Savon Hook.

Both of these pictures clearly show the challenge that faces any developer, who might consider housing development on land subject to surface flooding.

Planning Authorities need to take this increasingly common weather into account when faced with planning applications.