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Another Green Gym In Formby

I've been told there's another Green Gym in Formby, this is sited in the recreational space at Deansgate Lane.

Following some research I came across this demonstration video explaining how to use this item. I hope it helps. I'm was going to publish a series of these but if you play the first episode you're offered some more short demonstrations. They're well worth viewing.



If you see anymore Green Gym installations please let me know. So far I'm aware of three others in Duke Street Park, Lifeboat Road parking area and at the Swimming Pool.



Three Green Gyms Installed in Formby

Two of the new green gym items of apparatus just installed in the grounds of Formby swimming pool. This is the third gym to be installed in Formby recently.

The other green gyms are to be found next to the car park in Lifeboat Road and the other is in Duke Street Park.

So far the 'twitterati' reception appears to be mixed. Some have raised the questions of cost at a time of cuts others have welcomed them enthusiastically.

My first brief experience suggests they will be an attractive and useful contribution to the community encouraging more exercise by all.

What are your views? Use #formbygreengym to share your views.

Sean Brady. FormbyFirst and @formbyvillage

Spring At Last


The continuing cold weather conditions meant many of the commercial crop of flowers opened weeks after Mother’s Day and Easter, when they  are traditionally in highest demand. Most are now being left to rot in the fields.

Here in Brewery Lane their bright presence is welcomed as a final sign that Spring has started. In common with the recently started dawn chorus we can all look forward to warmer, longer days.


Local NHS In Local Hands

From 1 April a new local Clinical Commissioning Group is running the NHS in Formby and Southport. The Southport and Formby Clinical Commissioning Group describe themselves as follows:

Southport and Formby; a sustainable, healthy community.

We will do this by working collaboratively to improve health and commission quality services, whilst ensuring value for money.
Source: Southport Formby CCG Business Plan 2012 2013

Southport and Formby Clinical Commissioning Group (SFCCG) is made up of local doctors, nurses, practice staff and member of the public, who are well placed to know the health needs and views of people living in the area.
SFCCG brings together 20 doctor’s surgeries covering an area stretching from Ince Blundell in the south to Churchtown in the north.

What we do

In our first full year of operation from 1 April 2013 we plan to make the following improvements to your local health services:

  • Childhood mental health
  • Adult mental health
  • Long term conditions
  • Obesity
  • End of Life
  • Sexual health
  • Prevention

Source: accessed 7 April 2013