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Serenity at Formby Live Music Festival 2013

Here's a street recording of the Group Serenity made in Chapel Lane Formby. They are performing as part of the weekend long Formby Live Music Festival 2013.

Since their formation Serenity have been playing all over the City of Liverpool and beyond.

The band members are: Freya Halvorsen – lead singer/songwriter, guitarist and ukulele player, Linda Wooding – backing vocals, keyboard, bass, and other weird and wonderful percussion and Paula Taggart – drummer and t-shirts.

The three girls are a unique blend of original material and tasteful covers, with their eclectic musical influences they will not disappoint true music fans.

You can listen to better quality recordings of a selection of their music here:

(Source: Liverpool Bands:


Green Belt Debate Continues

Sefton Council will be presented with a petition by objectors to the Local Plan at tonight's full Council meeting.

The Council Agenda includes the words of the petition to be presented at this evening's meeting.

The second petition containing 3,581 signatures has been submitted by Maria Bennett on behalf of Formby Residents Action Group Opposition From Formby (FRAGOFF)

Petition Summary and Background:

Sefton’s local plan, formulated over the last 5 years continues to show little
regard for the green belt. Our Council will, in the upcoming months, embark
on a Public Consultatation Process, using Household population figures that
they themselves concede are not an accurate reflection of current housing
need. Most up to date Government figures show the Council’s projections to
be at least 20% too high. We believe this anomaly is so significant that it
undermines the validity of the Consultation exercise

The action petitioned for is:

“We the undersigned urge the Council, officers, elected members and Leader
to amend the ‘Preferred Option’ plan to reflect the most recent and up to date
Government statistics which clearly show a significant reduction in housing
need, sheds doubt on the necessity for large edge of town industrial parks,
which in the absence of sufficient demand, threatens local traders, damaging
town centres.”


Formby Live Music Festival Returns To The Village For A Fifth Year

FormbyLive Music Festival


Anna Corcoran Singer Song Writer

Formby's very own free music festival FormbyLive returns for a fifth year this summer providing a packed weekend of entertainment. More than 40 singers, musicians and bands will take to the stage showcasing local talent in the heart of Formby village. 

The festival takes place from June 28-30 and music lovers will be entertained by a variety of musicians performing in Woodwards, Café D'Art, the Gallery and the Cross House Inn on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

On Saturday afternoon there will be an outdoor stage in Chapel Lane featuring a special performance from ladies choir 'Singing our Socks Off', amongst others.

More than 3,000 people turned up to last year's festival and Pat Wordley, owner of Woodwards Wine Bar, hopes this year will be even more of a success. She said:

“Formby Live is a fantastic event that brings people from all over the community together to enjoy some wonderful music in a fabulous setting.

Robert Vincent Singer Song Writer

“Here at Woodwards, we have live music every week, but it's great to get the entire village together to put on a brilliant festival.

“There will be music from across the board from genres as eclectic as jazz, blues, acoustic and even a ukulele orchestra. The past few years have been a huge success and I'm sure the festival will be even better this summer.”

The musical extravaganza will culminate in a full day of entertainment on Sunday with a live music 'ramble' where artists rotate across venues in the village throughout the day.

Acts include The Grateful Fred Ukulele Orchestra, Niamh Jones, Davy Edge and Jazamin Sinclair.

Also on Sunday, Formby Pool will be transformed into a mini Glastonbury as a variety of bands take to the stage and The Merseycats put on an unmissable rock 'n' roll show.

However, the fun is not limited to the music as adults can chill out at the BBQ and bar on site, while children can enjoy face painting, balloon magic and a bouncy castle.

Pat added: “We hold regular Open Mic nights at Woodwards and Café D’Art and it's great to see how many young people take part.

“I think Formby Live is a great way for them to showcase their skills alongside more established artists.”

For more information please contact Nicola Pink on 07504336220 or


Formby Notice Board (2)

Formby Parish Council have installed two new notice boards on the wall of Formby Post Office. This is what they look like now they are finished.

The board on the left is sealed and specifically for the use of the Parish Council. The board on the right is open for public use and is already displaying a poster with details of Formby Live Music Festival 2013.

My first thoughts are to welcome both. The old Parish Council notice board was too small to include all the relevant information. It was a Merseytravel information board converted for Parish Council notices. It's served it's term.

I'm more concerned about the size of the new 'Formby Notices' board,  it's too small. The old board whilst untidy and very hard to attach notices is much bigger. A quick look at the photograph makes the point. One notice and more than half the board has been used.

The idea for these new boards surfaced nearly 4 years ago in a meeting of a small working party of Formby Parish Councillors. Part of their thinking included the idea of opening up the space behind the boards. Removing them it was felt would enhance the connection between the present seating area and the rest of the village.

But I suspect the new notice board for public use will  be overwhelmed this is  likely to encourage flyposting.  And although I welcome the idea of removal of the old boards, the recently installed new cycle stands will become obvious barriers between the seating area and  Chapel Lane.  I'm not sure that the execution of these welcome improvements has been thought about enough.

What do you think?


Formby Notice Board (1)

Recent visitors and residents to Formby Village centre will have seen the installation of two new notice boards. Both have been attached permanently to the wall of Formby Post Office.

This is the work of Formby Parish Council as part of their longstanding plans for the improvement of the village.


The existing notice board has needed improvement for a long time and this overdue replacement is welcome.

However existing users frequently employ heavy industrial staples to add notices making them difficult to remove. Some event organisers have added mutiple notices when a single list would have sufficed. Many notices not related to Formby are added and some advertise business and commercial matters.

Sometimes notices linger on a long time after their purpose has ended. The board is sometimes overwhelmed and it's clearly needed management or at the very least a clear set of rules about it's use.

On a positive note the notice board has been at the heart of village communication for a long time. It's always full and the content is a clear insight into the rich community life of Formby.

I look forward to watching the next developments with interest.